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would preschooler be better at preschool than home with me?

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PoppyWearer Thu 05-Sep-13 17:11:30

Even in private nurseries, IME lots of parents take their DCs out for a chunk of the last summer before starting reception year, so they can enjoy some time together before school starts. And have a family holiday without having to pay nursery fees for the duration.

If anything, I would be roping in your family and friends to help with childcare for your DC2 and go enjoy some days out with your DC1 next summer. Once they are in school the opportunities are scarce!

Graciescotland Thu 05-Sep-13 17:07:01

Most kids get a summer holiday from state nursery before starting school anyway so I'm sure he'll be fine. Just be organised and get out to do things. I spent most of the summer hanging out at the park etc. with my 3yo and 9mo and there were lots of other kids there from playgroup/ nursery etc. so he didn't miss out from socialising.

daisygatsby Thu 05-Sep-13 16:52:46

I have DS (3y5m) who has been in a creche full time since he was one. He loves it and I believe has benefited immeasurably from his time there.

Im going to be on ML with DC2 from October this year. I will keep DS1 in the creche for the foreseeable. He is now in the montessori pre school year.

In order to be able to take longer time off work and to avoid having to pay two full time creche fees im thinking about taking him out of the preschool around June next year - three months before hes due to start school.

Im wondering if he would be better off staying in the preschool though? given that he will be starting school in September. Will it be better preparation for him than being at home with me?

any thoughts welcome!

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