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Descale a steriliser

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chocolateapple Wed 04-Sep-13 14:20:35

What are the best methods?
I think mine is due a descale but I have no idea how to. First timer so any tips?

It's the Tommee Tippee Electronic Steam Steriliser

Thanks grin

mumofboyo Wed 04-Sep-13 16:22:57

I never descaled ours...
Could you not just use a descaler sachet, mix it in a jug and then pour the correct amount into the steriliser before putting it on a cycle? Then rinse it out plenty of times before using with your bottles. After that, can you use filtered water in it to stop the limescale build up?

If you need to sterilise bottles in the meantime then put them into a big, lidded pan with just enough water so that it doesn't boil dry, heat it on the cooker and keep it there for at least ten mins.
I hope I'm not offending your intelligence by telling you how to sterilise without a steriliser, it's just that some people have just never thought to do that.

dizzy77 Wed 04-Sep-13 16:27:32

I get sachets of descaler from the baby section at boots (in a plainsh white box near the steriliser tablets etc, our boots is quite a big one) then follow the instructions on that box. It's something like put in 200ml water, put steriliser on for 5 mins (set timer) then pull out plug and add contents of sachet. Leave for 20m to work & cool, rinse then run empty normal cycle. (On DS2 in v hard water area. Do this monthly, does it show?)

dizzy77 Wed 04-Sep-13 16:29:52

Btw baby steriliser descaler is lactic aid (ie milk- related), normal kettle stuff we use (killrock) is formic acid. Prob no reason not to use killrock/limelite etc with method above if you have it in house & it's urgent just run a couple of empty normal cycles before putting in bottles.

Lala29 Wed 04-Sep-13 22:37:43

White wine vinegar. Works amazingly well and I use it on kettle and have used it on steriliser as well. Much cheaper and no nasty chemicals!

chocolateapple Fri 06-Sep-13 16:02:11

mumofboyo No, it's definitely good to know how to sterilise otherwise! I would've thought a quick rinse of boiling water otherwise blush luckily, I'd done a sterilise of all the bottles before descaling smile

And yes, I used white vinegar in the end! Did the job so I'm happy grin

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