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What baby products can't you cope without?

(33 Posts)
lauren6283 Fri 30-Aug-13 19:44:25

Hey everyone
I'm 29 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I am just wondering if I have everything I need and if there is anything else that I should get.
What does everyone recommend? What have been life-savers? What has made things easier for bringing up baby? :-)

phantomhairpuller Fri 30-Aug-13 19:48:42

Muslin squares!!

We didn't buy any (thinking we wouldn't need them) and got given a load just after DS1 was born. Best invention ever, they have a multitude of uses!! wink

Bloodsocks Fri 30-Aug-13 19:55:37

Muslins, can never have enough of them, and my v pillow for feeds. also a night light in our room so I can check on her and in the early days change her nappy without waking us all up.

sarahloula Fri 30-Aug-13 19:56:07

Agree, muslin squares a must. We only bought 3 and ended up buying loads more. Baby sleeping bags...genius! Talc, I put it on every time I change dd and she's never had nappy rash. If you're bottle feeding a tommee tippee travel bottle warmer (also perfect for heating up jars later on), tommee tippee travel dummy wipes.

ButteryJam Fri 30-Aug-13 19:59:42

Baby monitor

stargirl1701 Fri 30-Aug-13 20:02:07

Sling - Moby wrap
Reuseable wipes - Cheeky wipes
Pram - Stokke Xplory
Muslins - IKEA
Hydrogel breast pads (store in freezer)
Bouncer chair
High chair - IKEA Antilop
Treasure basket

rootypig Fri 30-Aug-13 20:02:54

Comfy feeding chair for BF. I didn't have one, but would have loved it. Just a nice calm space, even a corner, just for me and the LO.

Other stuff - this lavender oil for heavenly post birth baths (only need a couple of drops), muslins - small ones for mopping up, big ones for softness and warmth and as a BF cover when out and about, envelope necked vests (pull down over their head when there's a poonami), activity gym to lie LO on while I dashed about doing things and an endless supply of biscuits to scoff in the dead of night.

rootypig Fri 30-Aug-13 20:03:54

envelope necks - pull down over their shoulders, not over their head - doh

greenbananas Fri 30-Aug-13 20:20:01

The only thing I couldn't cope without is the sling (I use a ring sling). My first baby pretty much lived in it, even at home. Sometimes i used to feed him in it rather than putting him in the high chair. If you're a first time mum, a non-stretchy wrap sling might be easier to start with - and you can also breastfeed on the move with those !

Apart from that, babies don't need much really. Clothes, milk, nappies and plenty of cuddles. It's amazing how little you have to buy. I think wanting to buy things is just part of the nesting instinct, but you'd be better spending that time and money making your house low maintenance so you can sleep and play instead of doing housework once the baby is born grin

Agree about pulling envelope neck vests down instead of up. So much easier, and I only worked this out with my second baby.

TeaMakesItAllPossible Fri 30-Aug-13 20:36:41


By DS4 my list went .....

Nipple cream - lansinoh - bit pricey but three years on still using it to protect chaffed noses in winter

Sling - I liked the old fashioned baby bjorn but defo personal taste .... I had a big baby though so it could fit in

Nappies and Wipes and defo nappy bags.

Babygrows and vests with popper bottoms ... Invested 16 in 0-3 months and 8 next size up.

Baby sleeping bag.


Baby bouncy chair - got a cheap one.

A list of baby classes and post natal activities that I'd signed up for.

No muslins, no prams, cots, Moses baskets, monitors, sterilisers, bottles changing bags etc. Didn't have any hand me downs as he was a bonus child. Invested in other bits as I needed them. So got bottles at 16 weeks but sterilised in dishwasher. Got cot at 5 months when DN handed it on - he slept in our bed and in a drawer initially. I wore a lot of scarfs to hide my tum and provide BF prviacy that served as muslins for mopping. I just washed them frequently and made sure I used a white bit if needed. Changing bag was a small cross body bag from topshop that fitted wipes, couple of nappies and a change of clothes in. As I had to traipse around after 3 older boys I was keen to travel light.

That said I needed more stuff for PFB. For DS1 I had more clothes, muslins, a baby bath, pram and, most importantly, the "what to expect" baby book as it was all a bit of a shock wink

Congratulations. It's such a wonderful, challenging and enlightening thing being a parent. I wish I could have another smile

milktraylady Fri 30-Aug-13 20:39:11

Muslins yes (not too many in case you don't have a sicky baby)

Pacapod pod for on the move changing kit & spare outfit. (Save a lot of cash by only buying the pod & use whatever nice handbag you like!)

Bf if you can- no need for bottles, sterilizer, formula. You will save hundreds.

Book- your baby week by week. Explains what is happening, so you feel less lost & can read ahead to get an idea of what's coming up.

Touché éclat or similar. Nothing can prepare you for sleep exhaustion. Just getting dressed & showered each day = successful day IMO

Cherish the lovely cuddles. Ignore older women to harp on 'put baby down so you can do housework'
Stuff it, another few months without dusting & the world will still turn grin

mrsmartin1984 Fri 30-Aug-13 20:39:57


milktraylady Fri 30-Aug-13 20:40:45

Oh, and sudocrem or similar. I read you aren't supposed to use talc anymore.

Swaddle for the early few weeks, baby sleeping bag for after.

milktraylady Fri 30-Aug-13 20:42:30

Yes chocolate.
And biscuits.
And lansino cream.
All also essentialsmile

SupermansBigRedPants Fri 30-Aug-13 20:51:22

Muslins! And a comfy seat/big cushion for feeding - i bottle feed but still need the extra support on my back - oh and a rocker seat/car seat for when you finally put the baby down.

Dc3 is 3 weeks today and I now class her as an extra limb grin

Petcat Sat 31-Aug-13 05:13:49

The Fisher Price Woodsy Friends bouncy chair has been a godsend for us, our baby loves spending time in there and is completely in love with the musical owl. It elicited her first smile and never fails to cheer her up.

Best money I spent apart from that is £20 on a second hand moby wrap. If you have a refluxy baby it will make life so much easier. I absolutely love carrying her close to me throughout the day.

Congratulations! You have the most wonderful journey ahead of you. I'm 15 weeks in and nothing prepares you for how brilliant motherhood is.

TheFallenNinja Sat 31-Aug-13 06:40:34

Playpen. Utterly priceless.

lola88 Sat 31-Aug-13 07:38:51

baby swing (couldn't put ds down anywhere until 4 weeks) It was pricey but worth it I sold it on for half of what a bought it and the girl I sold it to done the same so it turned out to be well used and half the price.

A comfortable chair to feed in - I didn't find it comfy feeding in bed unless I propped up on a million pillows which is a pain at 2am Ds is 18 months and has only just stopped having his bottle in his chair sad

I also couldn't have coped without my changing unit I had 3rd deg tears and couldn't lean overor kneel down so changing was a nightmare without it and bathing just wouldn't have happened, again I sold it on for half the price as only used for a month and almost new.

lastly a really good changing bag I couldn't be doing with everything lying about the bottom so I got one with compartments for everything made life much easier not having to search for everything on the move I used it until 10 months when DS wasn't having so many bottles and eating normal food so didn't need tubs of puree.

Sell everything you can on and it will pay for something else.

marzipananimal Sat 31-Aug-13 07:46:11

Cheeky wipes! Using them with DC2 and wish I'd known about them with DC1. Much better than baby wipes

KateCroydon Sat 31-Aug-13 09:27:01

Muslins - about two dozen
mei tai sling
bouncy chair
backlit e-reader

LoganMummy Sat 31-Aug-13 22:15:38

Lola - what changing bag if you don't mind me asking?

mrsmartin1984 Sat 31-Aug-13 23:42:58

I think with changing bags you need to think about how you are planning on parenting and how scatty you can be. If you struggle to find things then a bag with lots of pockets is a must. I found that most changing bags don't work for me. I BF so don't need side pockets to store milk. And I also use cloth nappies so I need more space in the main compartment to store them. Also for those reasons and the fact that I carry my DD in a sling rather then a buggy the best solution was a backpack with lots of pockets (easy side pockets for muslin and wipes).

Work out what you want to carry and what needs to be at hand. Remember you don't need to buy a bag that's specificly a changing bag. Anyone will do. And don't buy a really girly one, otherwise your OH will take one look at it and refuse to carry it.

SmokeyEyes Sun 01-Sep-13 04:39:40

Swaddlepod! We didn't get this until DD was a few weeks old as we had visions of a beautiful sleeping baby in her Moses basket when she was first born. However, that didnt happen, her startle reflex was so string she constantly woke herself up so we'd settle her, put her down and shed be awake I'm seconds. I know some people don't like swaddling ut for us it was a lifesaver. It's really thin so no overheating worries and she's so snug.

Also agree with muslin squares. Can't have too many.


Kafri Sun 01-Sep-13 07:28:56

1 carseat to get baby home
2 sleep suits(with fold back scratch mitts) - don't bother dressing in early days.
3. Muslins - lots of
4. Cheeky wipes - clean better than disposables.
5 nappies
6 a good book for during feeds
7 envelope neck vests (easier to pull down in a poonami)
8. A cot/crib/Moses basket - whichever you choose.
9 cellular blankets
10 a sling (try a sling meet to try a few different ones)

I'm not saying you won't need more later, obviously - just wait til you spend a fortune on stuff you may not need.
We were bought a swing chair - he hated it. I bought a bouncy chair. He hated it. He liked to be bounced up and down so bought him a jumperoo and he's barely used it.

Go along to baby groups and try out what other people have and then buy what your baby likes. Don't buy it all THINKING you'll need it.

amyjayde Sun 01-Sep-13 22:34:55

Sudocream - fixes everything (not just for baby)
Coconut oil - great for everything especially sore nipples
Baby wipes - still don't know how I coped without them before
A good video baby monitor - really good for those first months if you worry and panic a lot.

I'm still using all these 14 months on - must haves!!! grin

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