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The summer holiday childcare gamble!

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bunchamunchycrunchycarrots Wed 17-Jul-13 19:55:55

I'm quite organised with childcare, cover what I need and usually I need what I pay for. However, so far this summer, I've not used any of the pre-paid, pre-booked childcare because suddenly ex has taken it upon himself to randomly offer to have DD (unheard of, in the previous 5 years we have been separated). My mum has also had her, again, not a usual reliable source of child care for a variety of reasons. I've got an offer from DD's friend's mum to take her out next week on one of the days I have paid child care. I'm not actually sure if I'll have to use any of the childcare I have in place. I'm now getting a bit pissed off (not at those who have actually stepped in and taken DD, as she's enjoyed that) at the money I've already spent, and have no way of getting back because before the good weather arrived, I still had no firm offers of help (not that I had asked, I make my own arrangements as I learned long ago not to rely on others smile ).

Obviously the good weather has brought out the more generous side to those who are happily spending time with DD. But, by the time summer is over, I'll have paid for £819.00 worth of childcare, and probably only use maybe a quarter of that. So, is it worth being this organised, or should I maybe take a gamble next year and not book any childcare at all? Is it just the good weather, or is it just easier to 'blag it' when kids get to being 8/9/10 etc?

Anyone else experiencing the same/have the same dilema?

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