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bed time for 22 month old

(16 Posts)
rowtunda Fri 12-Jul-13 13:40:31

Hi folks - what time does your toddler go to sleep. I've found that my rountine has gradulaly been getting later and later and now its reg 7.30-7.45.

He goes to a new childminder who gives him a later nap (1-3ish) and I think that why he is awake later. Also we have just moved house and it means longer commute and we are probably picking him up later.

He has started waking early again at 5-5.30am (seems to be a perpetual cycle) and I'm wondering if it is because he is going to sleep later.

Let me know your rountines please

Featherbag Fri 12-Jul-13 15:45:21

My DS has tea at about 5.30, then it's play for a bit, bath at about 6.15, straight to bed after where he gets milk and a story, then night-night and that's it, he'll then sleep until anywhere between 6-7.30am. Depending on getty-up time, nap starts between 9.30-10.30 and he's generally down for 2 hours. Obviously the routine sometimes has to be altered when life gets in the way, and timings are sometimes out by up to half an hour or so, but roughly speaking this is the same every day. I'd be LIVID if someone put him down for a 2 hour nap at 1pm!

rowtunda Fri 12-Jul-13 16:20:51

I know although to be honest at the previous childminders he would always have an early nap before lunch and I used to blame this for his early waking too!!

A nap around 12 would be great but prob unmanageable for CM - and he would probably still bloody wake early!

Featherbag Fri 12-Jul-13 18:09:47

I think they all have their own little internal alarm clock, DS went through a 5am phase and still revisits it on occasion! Have you got a good blackout blind?

RandallPinkFloyd Fri 12-Jul-13 18:16:37

My DS is 2 next month. He goes to bed at 8 and gets up any time between 8 and 9-30. He has a sleep most days but it can be anytime between 12 and 5 and it ranges in length from half and hour to 2 hrs.

He dances to his own tune does my boy!

Waking at 5am must be pretty miserable, I would second the suggestion of black-out curtains/blinds. Unfortunately though these pesky kids will insist on having minds of their own. With any luck it's just a phase, could it be the heat maybe?

PleaseDoNotAdjustYourSet Fri 12-Jul-13 20:28:05

Dc is 20 months and bedtime is 7.30pm and wakes around 6-6.30am.

rowtunda Fri 12-Jul-13 21:38:34

Oh we have the king of black out blinds which makes his room so dark that I started to think that he was waking because he is scared of the dark!

He had a 2.50mins nap at childminders today starting at 1pm! Bedtime at 7.30 so we will see what the morning beholds but I'm sure it is going to be another early one.

I used to love my lie ins so much - I can't believe I have produced such a morning blooming lark!

ceeveebee Fri 12-Jul-13 21:43:59

DTs are 20 months old. Wake them up at 7am, sleep 1-3 (or longer if I don't wake them) and bed by 7pm. They love their sleep and so do I!!

RandallPinkFloyd Fri 12-Jul-13 22:37:49

Blimey, 3 hr nap, that's some sleeping skills!

AntoinetteCosway Fri 12-Jul-13 23:41:59

DD is 22mo. She gets up at 7, naps from about 9-11 and then again from about 2-4 then goes to bed at 7 and sleeps through till morning.

If for any reason she doesn't get two naps in a day she's bloody grumpy!

rowtunda Sat 13-Jul-13 04:45:53

Awake at 4.30 this morning - ahhhhhhh! He never has a 3hr nap at home.

SirDoris Sat 13-Jul-13 05:39:01

Morning rowtunda. Have been up since 4.55am with my 22mo DS. Thought you might appreciate the company!
He's also got a horrid case of chicken pox so has been up half the night screaming too. Normally up 5.30-6, but so much worse with the heat and illness. We've tried everything to combat the early waking, but nothing works. Yawn.

TwasBrillig Sat 13-Jul-13 06:13:43

I thought 1-3 was fairly standard for the age?

Our child has had to nap before pre school runs at lunchtime and we'd been looking forwards to the end of term when we could more to one later nap . . . As we thought that would help early wakings!!

Our woke 5.30 this morning, 5 yesterday and usually no later than 6. Then nap 10 ish, sometimes one hour sometimes two. If only one tends to doze in the car traveling in the afternoon.

I'd hoped moving to the more usual 2 hours after lunch was the answer!!

StrawberryMojito Sat 13-Jul-13 06:13:59

My 21 month old is another early riser. Up until a few weeks ago, he napped at 12.30-2pm at nursery or pre lunch if with us, he would then be asleep by 6.30pm and was waking by 4.30 am. We also have a blackout blind that makes no difference. We have pushed back his bed time by half an hour, which has made a slight difference but I think I have to face the fact that I have bred an early bird!

TwasBrillig Sat 13-Jul-13 06:14:59

I'm amazed at the 7-7 then two lots of two hours in the day! Why doesn't my child do that????

Now my older one is finishing pre school I want to work on this.

AntoinetteCosway Sat 13-Jul-13 10:22:05

TwasBrillig she's currently in nursery 4 days a week where she doesn't get nearly as much sleep so in part I think she's just catching up at home as she gets so knackered. She's about to switch to one day a week and I'm pretty certain the morning nap is going to get dropped within a matter of days!

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