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One year old walking funny - should I be concerned?

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hex Mon 05-Jun-06 18:57:03

Our (just turned) one year old dd has been on her feet walking for about 3-4 weeks but we've noticed that she appears to have a slightly weaker right leg which is turned outwards a bit and she walks slightly on the inside edge. Don't know whether this is just a matter of her trying to balance or indicative of something more serious. It doesn't seem to impair her mobility at the moment - she scoots along quite fast. Anyone else had similar?

PigeonPie Tue 06-Jun-06 08:34:42

I'd say keep an eye on it and if she's still doing it in 8 weeks or so take her to your GP so s/he can check hips, legs, feet etc - it could just be that she's still getting used to walking. I assume you haven't got her her first shoes yet? I've not had experience of it with a child, but as a child I had mobility issues.

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