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Toothless wonder!

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Onawhim Fri 12-Jul-13 07:21:50

My dd fell over when 4 and got two wobbly teeth which fell out a couple of weeks later. The dentist wasn't concerned, and weirdly she actually got the replacement big teeth about a month later - before she was 4.5.

She's lost more baby teeth since, incl the top front ones but I'm not worried as clearly the big teeth are ready to come in. Dentist not worried either (just said to use adult toothpaste).

So I guess I'm saying don't assume big teeth don't come til the age of 7. They might come in earlier than you think.

Good luck!

Rowgtfc72 Thu 11-Jul-13 23:15:36

I shoved DDs teeth back in. Dentist went ballistic six months later and muttered something about them becoming fused to her big teeth. They didnt. She didnt get her teeth till 13 months(top two vampire fangs-she looked so cute) Her first teeth fell out at 5 and a half, her fang fell out last week.grin

Giraffinalaugh Wed 10-Jul-13 21:51:24

Diddnt want to read and run, bumping and hopefully someone more helpful will be along soon with advice about her bigger teeth.

I read a poster when i was in a & e with ds a few weeks ago that said if their teeth ever come out, to try and wiggle them back into the socket and go straight to the dentist to try and keep the teeth.. failing that pop it in a cup of milk and get there asap . Just incase it happens again or to anyone else.

Oh and calm down. Have a glass of wine. Youre doing brilliantly!

Yorkshirehaggis Tue 09-Jul-13 23:28:26

Help! I'm new to this and will try to be concise... Today I've had the day from hell and am looking for advice from anyone who has experienced a toddler knocking their teeth out! My 3 yr old dd managed to headbang our stone kitchen floor (v bad idea to have - wouldn't recommend as v child unfriendly!) this morning and has knocked out one front top tooth, but the two adjacent teeth are also "mobile" according to the dentist - what does that mean?! Am totally panicking now and worried she is going to lose the other two teeth. Have almost come to terms with dd losing one tooth, but three.... I also stupidly packed the tooth in ice and trotted off to the dentist hoping for a miracle - think I got teeth mixed up with severed limbs!! Anyway, does anyone have experience of this? Am assuming she will not get replacement teeth till at least 7 yrs. she was a late starter with baby teeth- well over 1 before she got her first one - does this mean she will be late getting permanent teeth? To top it all off, dh away with work - always the way in times of crisis, ds won't go to sleep tonight and dd decided that she is scared of the Tooth Fairy and won't sleep in her bed, even though I have now written to the Tooth Fairy to tell her to collect tooth from the kitchen!!! Aaaargh! Feel like rubbish mother, but don't think I could have stopped dd knocking tooth/teeth out if I had been any more vigilant. It's a miracle she has got to 3 with all teeth and limbs working - v accident prone! Although also had broken leg in January - a whole other story! TIA

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