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toddler with high temp, do you set an alarm to check it?

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ElleOhElle Tue 09-Jul-13 22:25:07

my 2 year old has a very high temp being controlled with Calpol and ibuprofen along with antibiotics for the tonsillitis. I have just been to check on her and given her Calpol while she sleeps. I'm about to go to bed but worried she won't wake up if her temp goes higher. should I set an alarm to check on her throughout the night? any other tips gratefully received x

QTPie Tue 09-Jul-13 23:12:47

I haven't done that, but I have slept with him or on a mattress next to his cot: so I am on hand if he wakes or is restless, so can give medication as and when and also comfort.

AntoinetteCosway Tue 09-Jul-13 23:20:04

DD had a very high temp a couple of months ago and I did set an alarm to check it and give more calpol overnight.

Gumps Tue 09-Jul-13 23:24:17

You might sleep better yourself if you set an alarm instead of just lying there and worrying.
Presume dd is just in a nappy with temp in this heat?

BlueSprite Tue 09-Jul-13 23:27:25

Yes,DH and I do this - we set the alarm for every 3 hours. Tiring, but it's worth it for the peace of mind.

BlueSprite Tue 09-Jul-13 23:28:58

Forgot to say,hope your DD is better soon.

ElleOhElle Wed 10-Jul-13 00:53:34

thanks everyone, just been to out of hours Dr as temp not coming down. will be setting alarm for peace of mind.

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