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How much water/milk does your 1 year old drink?

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GiveMeVegemite Tue 09-Jul-13 09:20:12

nick yep, nappies are wet, not soaked, but the morning nappy is always pretty soggy (and often stinky!). So I think it's all good. He seems fine and I offer him loads of water and juice so can't do much more....

Nicknamefail Mon 08-Jul-13 16:18:27

My dd is younger but this sounds like a reasonable amount. Nappies still wet? My dd's nappies are wet but not soaking, but think this is ok.

MoveItMoveIt Mon 08-Jul-13 12:50:30

My DD 14 months has 3 7oz bottles of cows milk a day but doesnt always drink it all so id say 15oz of milk a day.

She has 2 7oz bottles of water/diluted juice a day, and im finding it easier to get these down her then milk at the moment!

I have found adding the juice has helped her to drink more, id rather her drink more fluids then be worried about the little extra sugar.

I think the amount your ds is drinking is fine, maybe offer some fruit, veg that are mainly water to up his fluid intake? Cucumber, melon etc.

GiveMeVegemite Mon 08-Jul-13 09:23:54

My DS is 13 months and has about 600ml of milk and about 150-200ml of really diluted water/juice every day. Is this enough in this hot weather?

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