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9mth old pushing and struggling

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PanicPants Wed 31-May-06 20:33:30

Dp is now desparately trying to be independant and will struggle, wriggle, push you away, whine and arch his back whenever he wants feeding, is tired or wants to be put down or picked up. This amounts to pretty much the whole time he's awake.
He doesn't seem to want to be played with, and only wants to play by himself for a little while
It's completely wearing as it's constant, and today I've just had enough and put him to bed early. Both of us in tears.

What should I do? Leave it and hope it's a phase? Or as my sister suggested say 'no', when he struggles?

tenalady Wed 31-May-06 20:37:27

As long as you know he is well and generally happy when on his own then let DS be himself. I had one like this, very disappointing from a mummy point of view when all you want to do is cuddle and kiss them in a couple of months he will go through that full on clingy stage and drive you loopy and we will see you back on a thread for advice on that. Ill be waiting

PanicPants Wed 31-May-06 20:40:06

Oops realised I put dp instead of ds!

You're probably right tenalady.

PanicPants Wed 31-May-06 20:50:10

Everyone seems surprised that he moves so much.

katiebl Wed 31-May-06 20:55:48

I'd give him the independance to play by himself when you can and the rest of the time he'll just have to put up with you. As a parent of a toddler who is determined to do everything himself since day 1 I know it can be fustrating when your trying to do something you have to do for them. HAve you tried distracting him by turning things into a game? Or letting him help with everything he can - even if its only a little? Like giving him an extra spoon to help feed himself when you are feeding him with another?

Ok ds has started getting clingy over the past week and I have been finding it harder to deal with than the independant thing. Honestly I'm never satisfied!

LIZS Wed 31-May-06 20:56:40

ds was a pita as he became mobile and was frustrated at his limitations. I used to have to wedge the footstool in front of the armchair to stop him whinging and climbing around my feet. I found that starting more activities such as swimming and a tots group helped - gave me a break from this behaviour and him some exercise. Also his daytime sleep pattern changed and he was worse if overtired, so perhaps review your ds' "routine".

PanicPants Wed 31-May-06 21:07:08

Well I guess from your replies it's a natural stage they go through whilst asserting their independance.

Thankyou all!

I already do minimusicians and start tumbletots next week so hopefully that'll help.

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