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Are your kids going to bed later now the evenings are lighter?

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eggybreadandbeans Wed 31-May-06 00:46:35

Have noticed with ds (nearly 2) that lately, he seems tired later in the evening, and to be taking less sleep overall in each 24-hour period (crap sleep due to house move aside ).

Do you find with your little ones that they tend to go to bed later and sleep a bit less in the summer months, and sleep more (hibernate ) in the winter?



serenity Wed 31-May-06 00:56:03

They try, but I'm very jealous of my few childfree/not working evenings so I make them go anyway {grin}

When they were very young I found black out curtains a godsend during the summer. It really helps when you're trying to get them to sleep whilst the sun's still up.

singledadofthree Wed 31-May-06 00:57:51

depends if i can get em off flamin msn ....just kidding

Jasnem Wed 31-May-06 07:13:02

Black out curtains didn't help here - they can hear other kids still playing out quite late.
Mine go to bed at the same time, but are more likely to get up very early in the summer. They are 5&6 and understand now that sometimes you go to bed before it gets dark, but if they wake and it's light, they get up.

brimfull Wed 31-May-06 07:43:17

yes ds 3yrs has been getting out of bed in the evening and waking early .Think I might get some black out blinds.

Elibean Wed 31-May-06 08:17:47

Yes, oh yes. Bed time has somehow crept from 8.30 to 9pm, and then she often lies there chattering to her 'Cat' till 10pm

Means we get good lie-ins though

trinityrhino Wed 31-May-06 10:13:05

yeah, dd1 has been staying up later, mainly due to the nice evenings and she has nbeen helping daddy in ther garden or we've watched a film together.

I think I feel better cause of the lighter evenings so don't desperatley want her in bed as early as possible

meowmix Wed 31-May-06 10:19:49

He goes to bed at the same time and then we spend 1-2 hours bellowing at him to get back into bed. Last night he tried to move the furniture from the spare room into his room (he's 2.75), finally fell asleep at about 10 and then got up at 2.30 to tell me that it was dark and we should all be asleep. At 4 he wanted to see whether I was asleep (....) and then at 6 this morning he wanted to sing Wiggly Woo for me.

I look fab today in case you were wondering....

Haggishly yours,

Normsnockers Wed 31-May-06 10:21:16

Message withdrawn

Normsnockers Wed 31-May-06 10:23:56

Message withdrawn

eggybreadandbeans Wed 31-May-06 11:08:53

Thanks all. It's not just us then!

Ds's bedroom in new house has two whopper windows. We bought Homebase blackout blinds and fitted them before moving day, but they let in a ton of light around the edges - i.e. ds still thinks it's daytime: "It's daytime now, Mum. I've woken up [having not yet been asleep]!"

For anyone in the same boat, and contemplating buying blackout blinds, check out I found it last night after posting; apparently not a sliver of light will get through. Desperate times and all - am very tempted at the moment!

Thanks again


Elibean Wed 31-May-06 16:53:56

We have blackout blinds, but same problem - light round the edges. Solution: masses of blue tack. Ugly, but effective

WigWamBam Wed 31-May-06 16:55:53

Bedtime is cast in stone in this house ... dd understands that it's lighter later in the summer and has never complained that it's not night-time. She does try to get up earlier in the mornings sometimes but gets sent straight back to bed!

Normsnockers Thu 01-Jun-06 15:00:45

Message withdrawn

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