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New baby not sleeping in cot

(12 Posts)
curlyclaz13 Sun 16-Jun-13 04:15:33

Baby is on second night at home, cluster fed and wouldn't settle last night but tonight has fed well and not interested in more, fresh nappy etc but every time I put him in the cot he wakes within minutes and cries. he slept in the pram earlier and stays asleep on his back on me but not the cot. any ideas on how to help him feel safe and sleep in the cot ? co sleeping is out as OH smokes.

LoopyLooplaHoop Sun 16-Jun-13 04:33:27

Very normal. Have you tried swaddling him?

llamallama Sun 16-Jun-13 04:35:56

Have you tried swaddling?

White noise?

He is so so tiny and won't realise that he is not part of you still. He needs to know you are there, that's why he can sleep on you. Maybe put something you have been wearing in his crib, like your vest top or something as it will have your smell on.

StuntNun Sun 16-Jun-13 04:37:41

Swaddle him in a proper swaddle wrap - you can get them in TKMaxx for not too much. Get a white noise device such a Ewan the sheep. Look up the fourth trimester on the Internet for advice on how to settle him - shushing etc. Accept that it will take a while to get anywhere with sleeping in the cot, especially in the first couple of weeks where there will be a lot of cluster feeding. It might be best for you to set up temporary sleeping arrangements so that you can take the baby into bed with you for feeds.

neontetra Sun 16-Jun-13 04:52:28

Mine was like this for the first week or so. It does get better. I used a Moses basket which I pulled right next to the bed, so I could put my arm in with her. And I found that going "shhh, shhh" for about 5 hours helped! Congrats and good luck!

prissyenglisharriviste Sun 16-Jun-13 05:39:12

I've never tried to put mine in a cot until they grow out of the Moses basket, tbh. Cots are too big and empty, and don't provide that feeling of having something/ someone close.

Put one of your worn t-shirts over the Moses basket mattress so that it smells of you, swaddle, and tuck up in Moses basket. Leave the cot for later - it's too soon at the moment. If you want ds to get used to the space, you can put the Moses basket inside the cot. grin

Congratulations, btw!

All entirely normal at this point. I don't know any baby that went into a cot this soon.

FadBook Sun 16-Jun-13 06:01:25

Kicking DH out of bed or getting him to quit smoking means you could co-sleep

You have to remember that your new baby has had food, warmth, comfort of your heartbeat and voice for 9 months. He just wants you and your comfort. It's completely normal for him to be unsettled in a cot. This is why those first few weeks are hard.

Congrats btw grin

bail16 Sun 16-Jun-13 06:28:42

The only thing that worked for us was to roll up a thin blanket like a sausage and put it in a n shape around her head, she hated being swaddled so we went straight for grobags too. Also, she hated the Moses basket but went into cot quite happily with the blanket round her head. Also, try Ewan the sheep, an amazing invention that makes
White noise and a heartbeat noise. Good luck x

pumpkinsweetie Sun 16-Jun-13 06:36:29

Cots are to spacious and open for a newborn, either swaddling, blanket rolled up or buy a moses basket to put inside the cot. Going from a womb straight to a cot must be a shock when they have been all warm and secure for 9months x

curlyclaz13 Sun 16-Jun-13 06:57:57

we have a swaddle wrap but can't find it. OH had a go with a muslin and baby has been asleep for over an hour. Thank you so much !

spicegirl13 Sun 16-Jun-13 07:01:12

Also agree on the Moses basket, far more comfy. Also try putting a hot water bottle in the Moses basket when you're feeding then take it out just before you put the baby back into the basket, means the baby doesn't notice the transition from being all warm & snugly with you to a cold cot smile

Wishfulmakeupping Sun 16-Jun-13 07:16:07

I found that warming the Moses basket with a hot water bottle for a couple of mins before taking out and putting dd in plus a combination of shhhhh and tapping her basket from underneath gently worked its used to take about 10-15 mins though

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