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Consumed with guilt

(10 Posts)
harman Tue 03-Feb-04 19:42:53

Message withdrawn

stupidgirl Tue 03-Feb-04 19:54:16

I know the feeling, and trust me, it's not just you. We all have days like this, but tomorrow's another day. Have an early night and a better day tomorrow

StressyHead Tue 03-Feb-04 19:55:46

message withdrawn

suzywong Tue 03-Feb-04 19:56:05

Oh yes, we certainly do all have days like that, and the fact that you acknowledge it is very healthy.

Chill out now and have some dinner then come to the bar

pie Tue 03-Feb-04 19:57:42

You have nothing to feel guilty about. Scream if it would help, and then tell DH to disappear with the children for a day and have some Harman time.

As an aside do you think you could be feeling some Prozac withdrawl?

harman Tue 03-Feb-04 20:27:06

Message withdrawn

pie Tue 03-Feb-04 20:33:39

If you've gone cold turkey it can affect you very fast.

suzywong Tue 03-Feb-04 20:34:11

how old is he?
An audience always makes you feel so much more stressed doesn't it?

harman Tue 03-Feb-04 20:39:48

Message withdrawn

suzywong Tue 03-Feb-04 21:06:07

duty bound to tantrum then

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