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which store does best/biggest disney princess cake?!

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tonton Sun 28-May-06 19:23:52

Need a disney princess cake for birthday party next saturday. I am no cook so am hoping the superarkets can help. Any tips on who currently does the best and BIGGEST cake?! They often seem a bit small....

azroc Sun 28-May-06 19:25:27

Shop cakes taste like poo. Get brave and make one.

lazeemum Sun 28-May-06 19:39:27

Asda do a big Disney princess cake with three princess figures on it. Don't know what it tastes like.

Northerner Sun 28-May-06 19:41:11

Don't buy the asda one, my neice had that one and it was disgusting. Looks lovely but tastes like shit.

Waitrose is good.

MerlinsBeard Sun 28-May-06 19:41:19

sainsbury and tesco do them i think. just average sized tho. or try an actual cake shop where u order one in, they will be able to make a yummy one tahts huge, bit pricey tho prob

emkana Sun 28-May-06 19:42:49

IME the birthday cake pieces always end up squashed in the party bags and never ever actually get eaten -
so doesn't really matter what they taste like.

Roobie Sun 28-May-06 19:47:21

Just buy the largest plain iced cake you can find and decorate yourself.
disney princess cake decorations

glassofwine Sun 28-May-06 20:37:38

When we've had a big party have bought one cake for blowing candles with whatever revolting thing child into ie. princess and then some victoria sponge cakes to make up the rest of the party bags. Kids don't notice and the vic sponge cakes are less than a £1. each. Parties are expensive enough - they won't notice.

anniebear Mon 29-May-06 20:25:20

I am sure you can get a Disney princess one in Asda that you put your childs photo on also, you just take the photo in and they do it!!!

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