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14 month old moany-pants daughter

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tamula Sat 27-May-06 18:23:51

My Daughter is nearly 14 months and she has recently discovered that moaning and pretend crying is fab!

She does it all day, not constantly but its fast becoming a permanent feature.

I sometimes pander to it, sometimes ignore it and right now she is sat in her travel cot because she's getting on my nerves. I'm a first-time parent (obviously!) how best to handle it in your (knowledgeable mother) experience?

I dont suspect its highly unusual behaviour, so some feedback would be appreciated.


WigWamBam Sat 27-May-06 18:25:45

Ignore it ... and be consistent. If she is sometimes rewarded by you pandering to it then she'll think it's worth doing it again because she may get your attention, whereas if you always ignore it there's no reward and (eventually!) it will stop.

tamula Sat 27-May-06 18:33:13

thx wwb,

I'm going to make myself stick to it. Its just that because she does it all the time now, i begin to think that maybe i'm not giving her enough attention and pander to it and when i dont think that i ignore it, so i guess she gets mixed signals and we're all confused!

I'll stick to the ignoring it from now on.


happybebe Sat 27-May-06 18:47:54

oh god tell me about it!!! my daughter is nearly 14 months too (born 4/04.05 and that whiney pretend crying noise drives me mad! to top it off today she had a HUGEEEEEEE tantrum in pizza hut where we were trying to have a family dinner and i had no idea how to deal with her! i actually thought there was something wrong with her (ill or hurt or something) but when i tried to pick her up she shoved her feet into my belly (35 weeks preg ) and tried to escape! AAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! am taking the ignoring angle from now on because honestly, i get too wound up by it.

kiskidee Sat 27-May-06 18:57:34

my dd is coming up to 14 mos and noticed that she is trying this out. there is a book i have called 'the social toddler' which does advice in pictures in actual family situation recorded on video. really good book along with 'the social baby' for the 1st year.

it suggests carrying on nonchalantly, and/or non chalantly trying to distract or enquire what is wrong with minimum hoohaa. if they won't accept a distraction, leave alone.

i'm trying this out and hoping she doesn't outfox me.

tamula Sat 27-May-06 19:13:51

happybebe my dd was born 05/04/05 and i thought i was keen being nearly 16 weeks pregnant but you are super keen!!

kiskidee thanks for those book recommendations, I'll take a sneak peak in borders.

Feel better already, saying that I have just put her to bed


Xavielli Sat 27-May-06 19:32:24

Mwhahahahaha {{mad laughter turns into sobbing}}

Happybebe, 16 months is such a FUN age gap..... Honestly

*Xavielli now returns to Xavi and Elli to change 17th nappy of the day*

Xavielli Sat 27-May-06 19:33:32

P.s... I also have the 'social baby' video.... very interesting!

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Sat 27-May-06 19:37:25

i have a 15 month age gap and it is hard work but it is FAB!!! They are 22 months and 7 months now.

Good luck xxx

Xavielli Sat 27-May-06 19:41:42

I agree JABM, it is lots of fun! Hard work, but WELL worth it.
It is soooo cute to see DS holding his 6 week old sister when he is nowt more than a baby himself!

happybebe Sat 27-May-06 19:49:48

....disolves into snivelling wreck and hides under computer table....

what have i done???!!!!

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