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DD (Y1) and her mean girl friends stressing me out

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helluvaride Thu 06-Jun-13 09:04:21

Posted in another area and realised might be more suited to here

DD is currently in Y1, she has a love hate relationship with her friends in that they are close and then fall out and so on. Sometimes she comes home upset as they have left her out and in some cases started to criticise her appearance (she has lazy eye, sometimes has to wear glasses). How do I deal with this and get my daughter to a)stand up for herself when she is being teased b) ignore the 'bitchiness'. Mean girls mentality was unexpected and I'm now worried she will be bullied. How does she deal with this?

On another point, one of DD friends can be a little so and so, we've had her round and she's been disagreeable, broken stuff tantrummed and generally not been pleasant. I prefer playdates when her DP are with us. I've organised a 6th birthday party for DD at our house and only invited a few of her friends, in a way to see how they all interact and to stop the teasing of my DD. The difficult child hasn't been asked however I think one of the other mum's may have mentioned party in front of difficult child's mother. I don't like to keep secrets and private but I really didn't want her to come as she seems to cause the most tension and disharmony.

I feel awful though, do I invite her DD? I'm starting to feel anxious that it will be awkward at the school gates.

Sorry if my post sounds confusing, I basically don't want my DD bullied and belittled and from my own perspective I don't want other mums to be funny with me, school gates are stressful enough without being ignored. Help!

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