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Back in the zoo where old friends welcome new arrivals

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PickledMoomin Wed 29-May-13 22:21:46

There ya go.

Not a very carefully thought out title but 999 posts calls for action!

BuddhaBelly Thu 13-Jun-13 09:43:45

Sorry ladies been feeling rough this week, couldn't shake a headache all week. AF arrived two days early again angry did think at one point this week I'd got some symptoms but thankfully didnt convince myself too much so not as disappointed as I could have been smile

Back for personals later

NoMoreMarbles Thu 13-Jun-13 14:52:20

Afternoon ladiessmile

buddha so sorry AF arrived for you! angry good luck this cycle! hope your head gets better!

Hi everyone elsesmile

Im on CD 22 ish i think (not been keeping track) but i think AF is on her merry way as i have been having cramps the last couple of days...we have been giving it good welly on and off this cycle but im not getting my hopes up for anything

PickledMoomin Thu 13-Jun-13 15:49:01

Is headache hormone related Bhudda? Sorry AF got you. This new confidence will help.

Fingers crossed marbles. You don't usually cramp all week do you?

Feel like I can't catch my tail. Need to sllooowww ddoowwn! There always seems like there's too much to do.
Going on a hen in the rain tomorrow. Wellies it is grin

PickledMoomin Sat 15-Jun-13 23:09:51


BuddhaBelly Sun 16-Jun-13 06:52:54

Marbles Any news?
Mummy Perfectly understandable getting ttc obsessed, I know I went and still going through it. You also set those dates in your head that you'll be pg by like birthday, Christmas, edd etc Its crap and the only thing I can say to help is we've all been there sad
Moomin How was the hen night?
Murray How's bump? Have you told E about his impending big brother status yet? smile

Not much to report here, just busy busy busy, had newborn cuddles with my cousins 2 week old baby yesterday <desperate for good luck> Managed not to kidnap him wink

PickledMoomin Sun 16-Jun-13 20:10:29

It was a laugh but quite sober, luckily.

I suck at betting. Lost £25. Watching madness was fun though.

Shit day today. Feel really run down. Tomorrow has to be better.

NoMoreMarbles Mon 17-Jun-13 14:01:21

Afternoon ladiessmile

No news here really...some symptoms thoughgrin I could eat a scabby donkey today and yesterday but feel shattered constantly and i have had the most severe back ache the last few days... i havent tested and im not planning on testing until next week...

hope evreyone is ok today (and Moomin feel better very soon smile)

PickledMoomin Tue 18-Jun-13 20:28:23

What's the goss today?

NoMoreMarbles Tue 18-Jun-13 21:00:30

Nowt from heregrin same old same old! Still starving! Achey baps today too haha but I reckon AF will be 'round the corner!

How is everyone else getting on?

Moomin how do you feel today? Any better?

PickledMoomin Wed 19-Jun-13 20:14:05

Just POAS woman!

Where are you all hiding?

BuddhaBelly Thu 20-Jun-13 10:21:12

Boo grin

PickledMoomin Thu 20-Jun-13 11:48:23

Lurker! Stop spying!

NoMoreMarbles Thu 20-Jun-13 13:46:58

afternoon smile

CD29 here and no very tired today! i went to bed at 9pm last night and slept 'til 6:30 which is unusual for me...still havent POAS...i will buy one over the weekend if no sign by then smile

How is everyone? where are you all? smile

PickledMoomin Thu 20-Jun-13 16:20:08

Can't believe you're keeping us hanging!

Best friend texted today to say she is pregnant. Really pleased but also a bit sad. Don't know why I should be. I was pg with mc, then she became pg easily and had a dd and then I had J. It happens so easily for some (which of course is lovely) but there's still that part of you that wonders why others have it so difficult. I know you ladies get it.

NoMoreMarbles Fri 21-Jun-13 22:54:48

Hi ladiessmile

We're are you all? I'm bored grin

No news as I haven't POAS I'm a day late according to my most recent cycles but due on Sunday according to the average on FF... I'm still tired, still starving but I'm expecting a big fall so not getting my hopes up sort ofwink

NoMoreMarbles Fri 21-Jun-13 22:57:54

Oh and is ok to feel sad for the ease some have with TTC/preg while others have it so hardsad I know the feeling well sadly {{{{hug}}}}

BuddhaBelly Sat 22-Jun-13 09:46:45

Marbles I admire your restraint as I'd have poas by now smile Keeping everything crossed for you, symptoms sound good <whispers hopefully>
Moomin Yep unfortunately we do understand those feelings hmm Still think subconsciously your broody for no 3 wink
Murray How are you doing? Feeling ok?

Been an odd week, not felt right all week kind of cold and hayfever with earache thrown in confused But feeling better even though I have a snot factory up my nose grin Think I'm due to ov at some point but still strangely laid back about it. Best start bding wink

Mummylimited Sun 23-Jun-13 14:03:29

OMG buddha would you poas already! Am I right ladies? I can't stand the suspense. It's sounding so good.

I definitely think you're broody for No3 Moomin

It's so exciting to hear talk of a bump in here Murray Are you getting quite a bump now?

AF due tomorrow. Am totally expecting it. Have kept the crazy away this month and have no symptoms, although I've tried not to spot them. I am stupidly tired, but then i am always stupidly tired. I have purposely gone running twice this week to stop that waiting in case I am pg thing. Feels good

Mummylimited Sun 23-Jun-13 14:04:44

god, I am SUCH an idiot. It's Marbles who needs to POAS, sorry Moomin

I can't even use MN anymore. Must be losing it ;)

BuddhaBelly Sun 23-Jun-13 16:14:09

MummyLtd Wish it was me POAS, haven't even needed to do that with af arriving early every month <sigh> Read your blog hmm You've put into words how we have all felt or are feeling at the moment, it was weird reading my own thoughts but written by someone else shock Hope the distraction techniques work this cycle smile

Anyone else lurking?

gomurray Sun 23-Jun-13 19:02:43

Evening ladies, apologies for absence, been trying to distract myself as freaking out a bit. Am 16 weeks tomorrow so entering the exact stage where I lost the baby at end 2011. I felt some movement last weekend and during the week but have felt nothing now for 3 days - arrghhh. Keep telling myself that it is still early for movement so no need to worry, but worrying nonetheless.

Marbles, so sorry AF arrived but I guess it was good that you didn't have the agony of POAS and watching no line appear. How is your weight loss going ? Hope you are feeling ok in yourself about AF xx

MummyLtd, I really must read your blog - have been meaning to for ages - will do it right after this. Good job with distracting yourself from symptom spotting, it is so difficult though isn't it ? Fingers crossed for you - any idea when you plan to test if no AF ? Crossing everything for you xx

Buddha - have you started your weight loss campaign ? Sounds like you are taking a very healthy, chilled out approach to TTC - so pleased to hear it. As always I have absolutely everything crossed for you, hopefully you will feel the benefits of my lucky vitamins soon. Hugs and sh!tloads of luck xx

Moomin - we all understand how you feel about friend being PG. It is so tricky as you feel happy for them but feel so mean for having even the tiniest negative thought - it is such an emotional minefield. I was very conscious of telling SIL our news as I suspect it may have been tricky for them - I don't even know for sure that they are TTC, but strongly suspect they have been for a long time. Thankfully they were on holiday when we told family so we told them over the phone - easier for them than face to face. Schools here finish this Friday - how long do you have until holidays in England ?

PickledMoomin Sun 23-Jun-13 19:30:05

You're all crazy. No more babies for me. Not for a few years anyway wink
I do have a gynae appointment next month to follow up my ultrasound and investigate my low ferritin. It's always strange being scanned when there is no baby.

Pma Murray. It is still early to be feeling movement and baby has a lot of room to move around so has most likely just changed position. Could you get a reassurance scan? Would it reassure you until the next one?

So we potentially have two POAS-ers this week. Good luck Marbles and Mummylimited!

I loved the video of the future GB today Bhudda. He looks so grown up!

Had a bad Friday but a better Saturday and Sunday. We had some noises underneath the house a few weeks ago. I called pest control and they put some poison in the drains. It killed something which stank for ages. Then I came home on Friday to a fly infestation. Think it's over now but D couldn't help- he was in the pub!! He'll see kids Weds for first time in a week.

Lovely weekend with C. He is going to book us a holiday for July 18th. Need the relaxation before holiday with D.

NoMoreMarbles Sun 23-Jun-13 22:15:42

Evening ladiessmile

No AF for me yet... I haven't POAS either as I'm waiting to save the disappointment of a BFN... I have had enough of those in the last 6 years to last me a lifetime so I want to wait until either AF arrives ( I usually start in the morning so if she hasn't arrived by tomorrow morn I'm FF late so I will pop to boots and purchase a wee-stick to pee on on Tuesday morningsmile sorry for the tortuous wait for infogrin

MummyLtd. I will cross my fingers AF stays away for yousmile

Murray. It's very early for movements yet so you will feel them sporadically. The little'un has tonnes of space in there to flip about so if he/she has turned to face your back then you will feel the kicks less than forward facing smile

Moomin. Hope your tests come back with good news and they can sort out whatever has been causing all the crappy health stuff for yousmile

Buddha. Love the laid back attitudegrin E is looking so big and grown up on the FB picssmile

Mummylimited Mon 24-Jun-13 11:45:10

I completely get not testing Marbles. Will still be awaiting news tomorrow. My cycle isn't definite, so I probably won't test until later in the week. That's if AF doesn't arrive.

murray 16wks is very early to feel it. Last pregnancy I popped into the MN thread for that month and people were saying they could feel it moving at 10wks! Made me so cross. So much pressure for us all to feel movement early. Won't be long for you, I'm sure.

Buddha Am so chuffed the blog resonated with you. It's always weird when RL people read it, but good weird. Feels lovely that people who know me take the time to look at it. Posting that one has really helped me this month.

moomin (weird, nearly typed sparkly then. You'll always be Sparkly to me!) urgh rats. Urgh flies. I'm not convinced your baby days are done and you and C would make pretty babies wink

So, AF due today.....maybe. Grrrr. Thank goodness I have a friend over when E naps. Keep me occupied.

gomurray Mon 24-Jun-13 18:58:24

Jeez sorry Marbles - I read Buddha's post about AF always arriving early as you telling us that AF had arrived - I'm blaming baby brain which must mean all ok wink. Still not felt any definite movement, lots of 'pops' which I suspect is wind !! Am feeling calmer about it though so trying to maintain PMA smile

MummyLtd - I read your blog and the entry about TTC was so well put. I love the honesty but most of all the positivity and action taken to beat the obsession - I am sure you struck a chord with a lot of ladies. I love your pics too smile. Oh and get that Etsy shop filled up, I was so looking forward to a browse and barely anything left ! I would like to pre-order some of your fab crocheted holly and misteltoe decorations for Xmas - love them !

So.... anyone POAS yet ?... So excited to find out who may be joining me in getting fat wink

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