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Back in the zoo where old friends welcome new arrivals

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PickledMoomin Wed 29-May-13 22:21:46

There ya go.

Not a very carefully thought out title but 999 posts calls for action!

BuddhaBelly Wed 29-May-13 22:33:21

Found you grin

gomurray Wed 29-May-13 23:02:51

Great title, lovely shiny new thread filled with luck and positivity !

PickledMoomin Thu 30-May-13 10:05:50


What's your EDD Murray?

We've had a very lazy start to the day. Still sitting here in pjs! Back to work tomorrow.

BuddhaBelly Thu 30-May-13 10:34:01

You do realise as there's only 4 of us on here now it's going to take us years to fill this one grin
Murray Come on give us some bump details smile
Marbles You ok?
Moomin Lazy arse wink

wibblyjelly Thu 30-May-13 11:08:26

Hi, may I join in? grin

NoMoreMarbles Thu 30-May-13 11:19:11

Found you!grin

Murraygringringrin excellent scan news! gringrin So details then!

Buddha sorry AF arrivedsad mine too at the weekend! But winehere's to another cycle for SWIsmile hope you are oksmile

Moomin poo about your car! Hope it gets fixed very soon!

Looks like it is chicken pox season Murray! DD has them now and her best friend had them last week so it is definitely doing the rounds here!

gomurray Thu 30-May-13 13:24:20

Hey ladies ! EDD is 09/12 so if I am sectioned a week early it will be E's birthday ! Nothing much to report, just getting very fat but that is mainly to do with the fact that I am eating like a horse blush. Have felt a few pops which are very similar to movement but too early, must be wind !
Marbles, the pox was doing the rounds here before we went on holiday so I was not surprised when E got it - glad it is out of the way before he starts school.
welcome wibbly - what's your story ?

wibblyjelly Thu 30-May-13 13:27:57

Well, I'm currently on maternity leave with 8 month old ds. I'm going back at the start of July, full time, so will be a but of a change for the both of us. Married to DH for 11 months smile

PickledMoomin Thu 30-May-13 22:18:19

You know they'll end up with the same birthday, Murray! When do you think you'll tell E?

Poor S, Marbles. I haven't seen any here but J still hasn't had them. They hopefully won't make an appearance in Florida.

Thanks for putting up with my moaning tonight Bhudda!

Welcome Wibbly!

Back to work for me tomorrow. I'm tired and my dizziness has returned again. C will be back in 24 hours. So looking forward to a quiet weekend.

BuddhaBelly Fri 31-May-13 18:30:20

Moomin Anytime my lovely grin
Murray I agree with Moomin definitely same birthdays! shock getting fat for that reason is perfectly acceptable wink
Wibbly Hello, going back to work the first time is quite daunting isn't it?

Well I think I'm ov-ing but haven't tested (check out my chilledness grin) off on our holidays Monday, so hoping this nice weather continues smile Today has been crazy at work, the freaks sure co e out on Fridays. Had to call the police twice shock

wibblyjelly Fri 31-May-13 19:01:16

Buddha, you sound like you've had an interesting day smile
Yes, a bit daunting to go back to work, but it has to be done sad

Thumbtack Sun 02-Jun-13 09:26:28

Can I join in? What's it all about? I have a nearly 8 mo ds, if that helps? confused

PickledMoomin Sun 02-Jun-13 09:47:43

How's the ovulating going Bhudda? Did you temp? Or do an opk? All ready for tomorrow? Hope E's cough improves.

Welcome Thumb. We were (and a few others) TTC together back in 2007. We've stayed in touch since.

Always daunting to return to work, Wibbly. But it's nice to have a lunch hour grin

I can't go into work tomorrow. I've cricked my neck and look ridiculous. You should see me trying to wash my face! Back to the osteopath tomorrow to try and get it fixed.

So lovely to have some sunshine! grin

BuddhaBelly Sun 02-Jun-13 21:29:16

No OPK no temps Moomin just chilled out ttc for once wink
What did you do to your neck? Or shouldn't I ask, especially as C was down this weekend grinwink

Hi Thumbtack, as Moomin said we all got together quite a while ago now whilst ttc, we've had some ups and downs and some have gone their own way but they are amazing ladies grin

Wibbly Definitely "one of those days" confused but the sun made up for it!

Off on my holidays tomorrow so depends what the signal is like Exmouth way as to the regularity of my posts. Will think of you all whilst chillaxing with my kindle watching Dh run around with E wink

gomurray Sun 02-Jun-13 21:42:38

Loving the chilled out approach Buddha - probably the most effective fertility booster there is wink

Moomin - ouch, hope you get your crookedness sorted lovely lady wink

All is fine here - queasiness is easing - 13 weeks tomorrow !!!

NoMoreMarbles Mon 03-Jun-13 13:57:33

Hi ladiessmile

Welcome to our newcomers! its lovely here! smile

Buddha have a FAB holiday! smile

Murray YAY for the 13 week mark! im so excited for you!! smile

Moomin ouch at the sore neck! hope the osteopath helps fix it! smile

no news here as usual! S is alot better after her pox attack! she is just itchy now rather than itchy and ill so she will be back at school tomorrow. another of my SILs is now preg! very early but she has told the world and his wife (1st pregnancy and very excited) they have been TTC for about 3 years so im very happy for them! we are fast approaching the 6 year TTC mark (can you believe we have "known" each other for 6 years soon!!) and to be honest i really feel like it will happen soon...(head in sand) im 1lb away from the magic 3 stone point since this time last year! 2st 9lb of that since november 2012! i am now the weight i was when i found out i was preg with DD in 2005 so if it is the weight affecting fertility and i dont get a sticky preg soon then that blows the Consultants theory out of the water! anywho...i have been ever so hormonal the last week or so so poor DH has got it in the neck and then been told its sexy timewink hopefully this month will be THE month but if not then cest la

BuddhaBelly Fri 07-Jun-13 16:01:51

I go away for a week and you've all disappeared. Did you miss me too much to post winkgrin

gomurray Fri 07-Jun-13 22:38:52

Yes Buddha, we couldn't bear to post without you being around, thank goodness you are back. FB pics of hol looked fab - did you have great time ? Hope you are all relaxed and getting lots of BDing/practise in wink oh and Happy Birthday xx

BuddhaBelly Sat 08-Jun-13 08:11:16

Murray We did have an amazing time, lots of relaxed bding DH is convinced we've caught the egg on hols but I don't think so, definitely getting more resigned to it not happening but not in a a negative way iykwim smile Are you showing yet?
Marbles Think I had my lightbulb moment whilst I was away, really wanted to join in the swimming fun on hols plus some other stuff too and just couldn't due to size/confidence so after the wedding we're going too today diet starts! You have done so well and loving the positivity it has brought to your ttc, I don't know how you've managed to keep smiling after so long shock
Moomin How's the neck?

Mummylimited Sun 09-Jun-13 15:34:01

Hello my lovelies

Sorry for the long absence. Been in a very bad ttc obsessing bubble. We went camping with friends on the bank holiday and that was the start of my period, so by the time we got back I had started thinking about OV'ing. It feels like I'm either trying to spot OV, AF is here or I'm on the 2WW. It's too much for my brain and I need to sort it out.

Had a horrendous 2WW last month. Was convinced I was pg and tested FOUR times in the week leading up to due date. What an idiot, but we've all done it (Please tell me we all have!)

I should have come here earlier as Marbles and Bhudda you are both being so sensible and chilled, it would have really help. I am in awe ladies.

Cannot tell you how grin I am to here that things are progressing well Murray. It is really fantastic. The scan must have really helped. I am going to be checking in to see how it's going much more regularly x

Moomin I know I probably missed it, but can't find the other thread, how did the job application go?

Ooh, I cuddled a newborn on the day I started OV this month. I am hoping that's a good omen, but I will NOT be getting hopes up this month. Need to ladies to keep me in check please wink

PickledMoomin Sun 09-Jun-13 22:05:41

Yey! Posters! I've given up obsessively checking.

I'm the only one not TTC <stamps feet>. Doctor changed my pill last week. Will live vicariously.

Didn't get the job but know the girl who did.

C gone back and is seeing Uni mates in Brighton next weekend which means I won't see him till weekend after. Tried not to be stroppy even though I'm BU but couldn't help it. I love him seeing mates but not if it means I'm without him for a weekend.

gomurray Mon 10-Jun-13 20:45:45

Ladies ! so much chat - hurray smile

Mummy - how lovely to hear from you again. It is sooo difficult not to get hopes up and obsess and then it is such a crash when AF arrives - so sorry to hear you have been torturing yourself. Stick with us and keep us updated and we will help you remain grounded and sensible... well we will try ! Where are you on 2ww ? Cuddling a newborn is a great trick - I had loads of newborn cuddles the month I conceived so it is clearly a fact not just an old wives tale wink... so much for keeping you calm !!!!

Buddha - yay for lightbulb moment grin How is the diet going ? Start as you mean to go on - my top tip is that if you do have a bad day just forget about it and get straight back on the diet wagon the following day - don't beat yourself up. Bad days will always happen, just make sure they are few and far between - loads of luck !

Moomin - is C not tempted to TTC ?... wink maybe a bit too early for that !!! Just enjoy the practise wink

News from here is that I am getting very 'rotund' - not exactly 'showing', just have a flabby belly. probably down to my crisps and chips craving (it is the salt and vinegar !) I don't really care though, love feeling podgy this time around, just praying it means baby growing ok - am quite paranoid.

NoMoreMarbles Tue 11-Jun-13 14:10:12

Hi Ladies grin

Mummy hi!! good to see you smile hope that you are ok and TTC is not being too hard on you smile i love seeing your FB updates! your boys are just lovely!! smile
Murray yay for rotund tummy! you need to do a photo diary on your profile for us to nose atgrin when is your next scan appointment?
Buddha dont worry about bad days etc! we all have them. just try and make the next day a good one smile
Moomin do i hear the TTC waggon circling for you and C or is it a little soon for that yet? wink

so news from me...nothing exciting actuallygrin i have had some excellent job newsgrin so things are great at the mo on that front...

Poor DH has had a little word with me about my stroppiness recentlyblush and i am convinced it is entirely hormonal as i feel very teenager-y sometimes and have more spots than usual... turn up for the books if that is the case! im up to 3st loss now! im hoping that with me being less than the weight i was when i found out i was having DD and i am super-hormonal then all the impromptu tearing off DHs clothes (another not altogether unwelcome hormonal side-effectwink)will have excellent repercussionswink watch this spacegrin

PickledMoomin Tue 11-Jun-13 19:39:22

Stop trying to put ideas in my head you lot! I can't have #3 and be on my own mon-fri. I'm constantly shattered a it is. J has taken to wandering into my bed in the early hours just as I thought I cracked it. I don't have the energy to return him <and I don't really like sleeping alone>

Who is next to ovulated?

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