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3 quick Q's about Hobbies/extracurricular activities

(4 Posts)
joymaker Mon 27-May-13 12:22:26

Hi All,

What hobbies or extracurricular activities do your DC's do?
At what age did they start them?
Do you wish you had started any of them earlier or later (or not at all grin)?


tricksybaby200 Mon 27-May-13 13:52:25

Son does football. Started at 22months. (Hes now 3.5) Earlier would have been pointless. Tbh don't think it's helping at all with football skills, but then wasn't really expecting it too. Wanted him to take up a sport from and early age so it's just part of life. Get him in the habit of exercising. Football was the only thing on offer round us for boys that age.
Also liked football as having the confidence to join in a game of football on the school playground makes a big difference to boys. Neither me or his father are any good at sport so hoping this might get him to average smile or at least confident enough to play.
We did swimming as a baby but constant ear infections put paid to that, but would recomend. We also did gymfants ( gymnastics) but only run on weekdays and I went back to work. I did rhythm time up to him being 1 but he wasn't really that interested.
Full time back at work and second son means were happy with just the one activity and family time.

Hope you find an activity for you guys or that's the info you wanted if just a general enquiry smile

GraduallyGoingInsane Mon 27-May-13 14:07:01

I have 4 DDs. They all do ballet, gymnastics and Allstar cheer.

They all started ballet at 3, and gym at 18m in a tots gym class - moving to club gymnastics at 4. DD1 started Allstar cheer at 8, DD2 was 6 and DD3 and DD4 were both 4.

I am glad they started ballet young - all 4 have done various programmes with major ballet companies which would have been harder if they'd had less training behind them - they audition the kids when they're quite young.

I think Allstar cheer (which is a combination of gymnastics and 'spellbound' style stunts in the air - NO pompoms in sight!) could have been started at any point up to about 10 years old and they would have achieved a good level with a gymnastics background - in some ways I wish I'd held off til they were older as its expensive!!

RosemaryandThyme Mon 27-May-13 14:21:41

Three children.

Ds 8 - swimming - once a week, half hour lesson, £5.50 - three years his been going and will continue for 3 more - vital.
Cricket - free after school - fun, pointless, wouldn't do if had to pay or was inconvieiant time-wise.
Go Ride - cycling course, £1 for 2hrs, Sat morning, been going for one term - excellent value for money and teaches road and competition skills that I couldn't.
Cubs - £40 per term plus uniform and camping - excellent - been going for two terms, widens circle of friends and fills up some of half term with trips etc.
Clarinet - £6 half hour lesson - loves the lessons, not interested in practicing but it's at lunchtime and therefore occupies some of the dull run-around time - been doing for a year, will drop it at the first oppotunity.

Previously - Kickabout - £5 per session, fine for about two terms, good for all ages, did improve ball skills but stops at age 8.

Ds2 age 6
As above for swim and cricket.
Beavers - ace lots going on and a four week trial before committing.

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