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Holiday with 4-6 week old and 22 month old

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LittleMonster100 Fri 24-May-13 17:47:07

Dh and I are thinking about going on holiday in sept when dc2 (currently pg) is between 4-6 weeks old.

We can't afford it until then as I will be on maternity leave but getting full pay and only paying part time childcare. A then moment we are paying full time childcare and working for £150 a month. Aug-dec I will be on mat leave but earning full salary and paying hardly any childcare, so financially much better.

We are thinking this may be the only time we can afford this as we will have 2 under 2 so only paying 2 adults, and also once I go back to work we will be shelling out for two children in childcare.

My questions do you think it'll be feasible going on holiday with one newborn and one toddler (4hrs away, beach resort holiday) and will I be up to it? What if I have a ceasceran (sp sorry) how will that affect my recovery?

Last time I was up 20 mins after the birth and out the office for a walk after 4 days, but who knows what I'll be like this time.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

Asparagui Fri 24-May-13 18:00:19

I have a 9 day old plus two older children. I was just trying to persuade DH to find a last minute deal and get out of this rainy country for half term starting this weekend. We both felt quite up for it until we remembered the baby has no passport! He isn't even registered yet. That kind if hurried organisation of registration and passport might be a bit stressy in the first weeks but still doable.

I'd only go somewhere first world with good medical facilities and a short flight. Short flight would be important due to increased DVT risk after childbirth. Also if you all have to share a room at the resort remember that the baby may wake the toddler. I thinknid want two rooms at that stage. Finally, you may still be bleeding which would effect swimming etc.

LittleMonster100 Fri 24-May-13 18:06:34

asparagui thank you...hmmm I totally forgot about the bleeding.....our other option is something like gran canaria mid October, so baby would be 2 months old.....that might be better do you think?

Also, forgot about the passport thing!

juneau Fri 24-May-13 18:18:23

Most women who've had a caesarean are able to walk normally, carry stuff, drive, etc, after six weeks.

I think I'd aim for about 8 weeks post-partum, giving you time to get the passport, and something very undemanding, all-inclusive, and relaxing. New baby will probably sleep a fair amount, although you never know what you're going to get so it's a bit of a gamble. But, given your situation, I'd probably go for it and hope for the best.

fairylightsinthespring Fri 24-May-13 19:46:39

we went with 21m old DS and 10 week old DD last year. DD was EMCS. We flew 2hrs to Menorca and stayed at a self catering apartment so that we had access to fridge, microwave etc. It was very very quiet, just about 30 odd apartments round a pool with lots of shade and greenery, with a bar, snack bar and playroom with some little tikes toys in. they also had some playleaders there some morning s who did colouring and games with toddlers just a little older than DS. You can book the holiday with the name X surname for baby and then just ring to put the name once baby is born. Flight was fine, but take a sling so you have your hands free - also good for the coach transfer. (look for a short one). We had the buggy right up to the door of the plane. I recovered very well from both my CS (it makes no difference to post-partum bleeding but obviously there is a limit on lifting, carrying etc for a few weeks. ) We requested two travel cots and got them. Plan was to have them in the bedroom and us on the sofabed in the living room but DD didn't like it so she slept in the buggy in the living room with us. Passport - lots of places will help you get an acceptable shot and if you do check and send at the post office you can get it back fairly fast. Normally I book holidays via expedia and do it fairly DIY but I went via Thompson for this one, just as I wanted that extra level of security that there was someone I could contact if there was no cot, or transfer or whatever. Baby supplies are EXTREMELY expensive in the resorts so take what you'll need in the way of wipes, nappy sacks, any milk etc. Its definitely do-able. Although it seemed a bit daunting, it was worth it. There were times when both were asleep and we could be out on the porch, or lots of times when DD was asleep and we would take it in turns to play with DS (who spend virtually the whole week in the pool).

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