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Grizzling to sleep

(5 Posts)
monstergoose Thu 23-May-13 23:09:19

We've just started to put my 14wo down earlier to bed so my OH and I can reclaim some of our evening. Up til now she's been going to bed at 10 ish when we go and feeding to sleep lying down before being lifted into her crib right next to the bed, occasionally we've co-slept if she has woken up when transferring her. Over the last week or so we've been gradually bringing her bedtime earlier but she has started grizzling in her cot after about 10 mins. It doesnt escalate to crying and she has dropped off to sleep within 5-10 minutes by herself apart from the first night when I went back up and rocked her in her crib

Is it ok to leave her like this? I really don't want to do CC or any kind of sleep training as she is far to young IMO but when she is like this I dont think she falls asleep whe I'm with her any quicker anyway. If I pick her up for a cuddle it all goes to pot as she tend to wake up as soon as I pick her up! Does leaving her sound too mean and like CC? She does tend to cry a bit when I'm getting her to sleep for her daytime naps anyway- is this normal?

QTPie Thu 23-May-13 23:40:08

DS used to use grizzling to get himself to sleep (from 5/6 weeks to about 2 years old). It was never distressed or escalating. It was almost like he was grumbling/speaking/singing to himself... We left it or shushed it: disturbing it (even picking him up) would disrupt him soothing himself to sleep.

You need to make your own decision based on your particular baby and the noises that they are making.

fairylightsinthespring Fri 24-May-13 15:30:41

a bit of grizzling for a few mins is absolutely fine in my opinion and as you said, she drops after a very short time. If it escalates, then fine, pick her up but I really do believe that for some of those who say their LO won't go down without rocking or feeding etc its because they hear this little bit of grizzling and grab them up straight away so they don't get a chance to learn how to settle.

surprise11871 Sat 25-May-13 21:01:38

my lo is 4 months old n grizzles himself to sleep while rolling round the cot he does this for about 10 mins till he finds a comfy spot on his side n goes off he has been grizzling himself to sleep for about 2 months now n wud always wave hands in front of face now he's moving he rolls aswell he also makes grizzly noises to put himself to sleep in pram for naps so i presume it helps him i say its fine and its not crying or getting upset by the looks of it its quite normal congratulations and sounds like your doing a brilliant job next on my list is how to get him to stop waking up every hour as soon as i go to bed ummm

KatyTheCleaningLady Sun 26-May-13 09:17:34

I think there's a difference between real wailing and self soothing. I think it's good for the baby to get used to self soothing.

If your parenting style is more family bed and attachment parenting, then fair enough. But many happy well adjusted people were trained to be more independent.

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