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12 month sleep regression how long does it last?

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MillyStar Thu 23-May-13 21:06:16

It's driving me mad and ive only had a week so far!

Massive shock to the system I've put her down 7-6 for months without a peep but she's constantly waking at the moment and won't be put back down or she screams the house down I have to rock her which can take 2 hrs :-(

Just wondered how long I can expect it to last for?

QTPie Thu 23-May-13 22:14:37

Teething? DS teethed badly between 13 and 19 months (canines and molars). He was actually find during the day (a bit grizzly and grumpy and about off food, but nappy ok), but disrupted nights and early mornings... At 19 months he stopped teething and returned to sleeping through, with no trouble, overnight!

For those 6 months we kept a spare mattress, pillow and duvet next to his cot and would go in and hold his hand, stroke his back, shush and comfort him through the bars. Wasn't ideal, but we were warm, comfortable and could doze/sleep (if he went properly and heavily to sleep, could sneak back to my own bed). DH and I took turns on alternate nights. DS got the comfort that he needed: really he wanted to know that someone was there and holding hands generally did it (co-sleeping didn't work for us - he would treat it as playtime and nobody got any sleep...).

Not what you wanted to hear, but it was how we handled it...

Choccywoccydodah Thu 23-May-13 22:25:10

My ds is 21 months and we've had this since end of January, he wakes between 5.30 and 6.30 and is driving us nuts! He slept 7pm-8/9 and even later from 3 months til then!

I've just bought Richard Ferbers Solve your child's sleep problems, and OMG it's amazing. He wouldn't go off without one of us there, and if he woke in the night it was the same, we'd have to lie with him for sometimes hours as he'd periodically check if we were there, if not he'd scream for us and it all started again.

I started using this book on Sunday and it's been a godsend. He now settles himself to sleep for the first time in months, usually within 10 mins, but Monday and Tuesday it was less than 1 min! and if he wakes overnight, he settles too. smile

He still gets up early, but he comes in with us and goes back off til 7.30/8 so not too fussed about that (or choice, not in the book!) as before he was waking, and staying up if we tried to keep him in bed, so d rather him in with us than us all up at 5.30!

MiaowTheCat Fri 24-May-13 08:52:45

Lasted us about a fortnight of sheer hell... THEN she started cutting teeth at a stupid rate (she has her first EIGHT coming through simultaneously).

We've got off lightly with all the other sleep regressions - a couple of night wakings - but fucking hell this one was awful. We did end up having to do some controlled crying to get past it, but she's back to self-settling and going almost through the night (the jangly Humpty in her cot betrays her 4am cot party before she zonks back out) now.

MillyStar Fri 24-May-13 09:10:18

It could be teething, she has quite a lot of teeth but i suppose the back ones could be coming through!

I can live with a fortnight lol i hope thats all it takes!

She goes to bed ok at 7 then is up from about 9 till 12 or 1am then sleeps through till about half 8, which then means she's not having a nap because she's had a lie in so she's all over the place this week

I've tried just going in the room to sit with her and settle her but that makes her scream even more, she wants to be picked up! I dont feel comfortable trying controlled crying yet, she still feels like a little baby to me and i'd rather cuddle until shes about 18 months

I'm in work today and i had to wake her up at 8 to get her ready for her nans house

I suppose i've got off very lightly so far as shes always been such a fantastic sleeper, suppose i had to suffer at some point

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