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Further freakingly fantabulous adventures of the 40+ Mummies Part 2

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blueblackdye Tue 21-May-13 21:08:55

Our 2nd thread is full but it won't prevent us from laughing, moaning, keeping on supporting each other, sharing and chatting over our new life with 1 or 2, even 5 children !
Here you go, fantastic 40+ Mums, a brand new thread for all of us, old friends from the pregnancy thread or new joiners

littleredmonkey Sun 14-Jul-13 20:18:38

Bbd. 30 people holy crap I can't be arsed doing a BBQ for me and dp. I have lost a gold star for being a crap domestic godess. However earned man stars for doing hedges and all garden crap. Drilling and diy stuff. Ps not sexist be arsed. Haha

littleredmonkey Sun 14-Jul-13 20:27:06

Cyclecamper and eagle. How's carry on camping going. You have certainly got the weather for it

EagleRay Mon 15-Jul-13 07:39:52

Reporting from hot sweaty tent. Hoping tent neighbours don't think it's me doing all the farting. All ok so far - had trip to the beach yesterday but it was scorchio. May go again today but not til after 4pm.

Weaning continuing - all ok until the avocado yesterday - more of an avoca-don't as forcefully shoved spoon away and an angry face.

Congratulations badmiss so glad you and baby are ok. Have some hand-picked wild flowers , nicked from the hedgerow first thing this morning

somewherebecomingrain Mon 15-Jul-13 09:58:49

Omg eagle proper hilarious carry on camping reportage xxx

Had a lovely weekend in my parents country paradise - most uncomfortable shabbily furnished cottage you've ever stayed in but the garden is lovely - my dad has built a massive climbing frame aged 78. My mum looks either like a New York feminist intellectual with her post chemo crop or like baby s. it's so perfect this whorl of snow white hair I couldn't stop touching it.

WiltshireMummy2013 Mon 15-Jul-13 17:53:14

Any older mummies around Wiltshire?

ChairmanWow Mon 15-Jul-13 19:46:45

Avoca-don't - love it eagle. Try mashing a bit of banana in it. Sounds disgusting but it's actually quite nice and DS used to lap it up. Quite handy when you're out and about as well. You can just mash 'n' go.

badmissm how lovely to see you here. Sorry for your woes re the birth, but you made it! Get your feet up if poss, don't skimp on the painkillers and get some iron tablets down you. Hope you're enjoying little Caspian thanks

And hello from sun-kissed Anglesey. Having lots of beach fun with a delighted DS and slightly cranky DD. The beaches are stunning and the cottage we're in is gorgeous with a friendly menagerie of animals including a peacock who calls round every lunchtime. The only downside is that my tinnitus, which has been very quiet this last year has gone crazy. I think it's because I've gone back on the pill - its very susceptible to hormones. Hopefully all will be calm again in a few days as it drives me bonkers sad. Had to get sleeping pills from the GP sad.

cyclecamper Mon 15-Jul-13 21:26:49

Congratulations BadMissM! Welcome to Caspian.

We had a lovely weekend camping. Babycamper was actually quite relaxed for him. A few times he lay on the ground or sleeping mats and calmly looked around, it was really nice. We got diverted on the way there (we had a rental car) so ended up stopping at the Ace Cafe to eat and feed. It was brill, even though they were having a fairly dull motorbike meet, not one of the vintage get togethers. I do like that place! (and nobody batted an eye at me feeding.) We were camping at one of our favourite sites: Watlington in Oxfordshire. We went camping there for our wedding 3 years ago so it was nice that it was there that babycamper had his first camping trip. Because it was good weather and we had the car, we took my favourite tent - a Blacks Good Companion that is about 40 years old so it was a really special weekend all round grin

GoatBongosAnonymous Tue 16-Jul-13 13:28:55

Lovely to read about all the holidays and wonderful weekends! Enjoyment by proxy...

EagleRay Wed 17-Jul-13 23:36:03

Evening all - finally home late last night from camping trip. House is a shit tip and unlikely to change in the near future as I just don't have the energy or time to sort it out!

I have a very exciting avocado update for you - as you will recall, Baby E turned her nose up at the avocado/milk concoction but the following evening we decided to treat ourselves to dinner at a nice seaside tapas cafe and I had ordered some guacamole. Before I could finish it, a pair of tiny grubby hands dived into the bowl and she polished off what was left. Every time I tried to take it away she screeched and so I gave up. And she slept all night too!

And there was an interesting poo incident - when we went to the beach she managed to faceplant herself on the shingle (pea-sized stones) and was absolutely coated in them. I hastily brushed them off and forgot all about the incident until 30 hours later when we changed her nappy and lo and behold it was full of stones. Somebody please tell me why I am feeing this child puree?

Your holiday sounds lovely Chairman - are you managing ok with the sun? Hope your tinnitus calms down soon - it sounds horrible.

Cyclecamper - I think BabyCamper was just waiting to go camping, hence his good mood! I have such vivd memories of camping as a child, so it's nice to be able to pass the experience on.

Somewhere - love the description of your mum - is she doing ok with the chemo?

Goat - aren't you leaving on a jet plane soon?

blueblackdye Thu 18-Jul-13 07:41:39

A very very quick one to say Happy Birthday to baby Goat ! I can't believe you are one, little Goat. Have a great party and be good with your Mum.

ChairmanWow Thu 18-Jul-13 20:13:24

Happy birthday baby goat! Hope you do something lovely.

Our last night on Anglesey bathed in sunlight. Sad to be leaving this beautiful place. And rather cutely DS keeps shouting 'mindwills!' whenever we go past wind turbines. All in all a fab week. Tinnitus still poo but I'm getting used to it. Right, beer to drink. Have lots of sunny fun everyone.

GoatBongosAnonymous Thu 18-Jul-13 21:59:16

Thank you for birthday wishes. We had a lovely day. Had a little party on Sunday so today was Big Goat and Babygoat day - not least cause on the very first birthday we only got to spend about 30 seconds together. smile
We went to a prem group where BG showed off outrageously - look! I can walk/crawl/make lots of noise with musical instruments/destroy the bubble machine/climb the settees/clear a shelf with one sweep of an arm/smile disarmingly cutely when pulled up on anything - then came home and spent lots of time in and out of water. Lots of fun and mess was had. Also had wonderful time shredding wrapping paper from presents... Am cheating and taking another day off work tomorrow and we have a picnic lined up.
Chairman the tinnitus is a bummer. Hope it improves.

somewherebecomingrain Fri 19-Jul-13 13:53:27

Hi happy birthday baby goat! What a great time if year for a birthday - many balmy summer birthday dos await!

chair Anglesey sounds lovely. Nothing like sundrenched uk landscapes - they've got the scarcity value. Sorry about tinnitus, hope it is a comes and goes kind of thing - and goes.

AFM enjoying nap success! Baby S has just slept for an hour and a half in our room and is still sleeping! After 40 mins I had to go in three times, flop down next to her, flop out my boob, and let her feed back to sleep. But that didn't take long and essentially I've had an hour and a half to myself.

This is the first time she's done this - previously only half an hour at a time.

scarecrow22 Sat 20-Jul-13 14:53:15

Bonjour mes amies!
France stifling but by goodness it is a wonderful country. Only just got Internet connection, will reply later but before I return to map reading/singing toddler songs/ stressing about T over heating (old VW Mark 2 with no cooling and 30C) a very special re-hello and welcome to Caspian and the wonderful BadMiss smile
A bientot xxx

somewherebecomingrain Sat 20-Jul-13 16:41:44

Salut scarecrow it's quiet without you

EagleRay Sat 20-Jul-13 23:33:17

Many happy returns to Baby Goat! Glad the party went well.

Bonjour Scarecrow! Your holiday sounds great, apart from the VW <shudder> I had one of these for many years and am still traumatised by the random breakdowns, engine blowing up, hands freezing solid on the steering wheel in winter, the massive garage bills... Need I go on? Lady, you are nuts smile

scarecrow22 Sun 21-Jul-13 12:24:54

So, not sure if I will recall all news from my lovely catch up yesterday, but let me trey...

Happy birthday BabyGoat, an inspiration to all mummies and the Bain of other babies (showing them up wink). I do hope his ear infection has cleared up. When DD had earache was most miserable I have ever known her, but she was a year older and at least could explain. V much feel for little chap. ( Though good timing re exam boards... They sound super tedious, from DH's description.)

Somewhere, description of your mum sounds fab. Does she enjoy pulling off the 1920s boho scarf look? Sounds like a great excuse to be eccentric. Hope it has worked and she is not too knocked out by it. Fab about nap too. If she can do it three days in a row you've basically cracked it.

Eagle and Cycle, you sound equally mad re camping in this heat ( from what I hear uk in heat wave, or was). Cycle, love the description of returning to such a special place with your favourite tent! I have a few dreams to share with DC and one is to take them back to campsite in Lakes we were staying at near Old Dungeon Gill (sp?) when we got engaged - even to the top of HellVellyn if I can drag them up there as DH got down on knee on top and produced my beautiful ring grin I was in the middle of berating him for dropping the water bottle down the mountain (nerves!) least it was a more realistic experience of domestic life.
Glad top BabyCycle seemed to give it his seal of approval. I remember DD wanting to be held every minute after a cold when she was 5/6 weeks old and feeling a bit shattered by it; and even find need hold T so much for reflux draining so very much feel for you.
Eagle, adore sound of Boobie Banana and Avocadon't grin. Please keep up stories of weaning to inspire me. I didn't enjoy last time but am more interested this time, partly in hope will help T, and also because bf less of a blissful experience with a toddler around. What food will you try next?

BBD, hope you all okay in Paris in this heat. Sadly we will not pass as doing long drive from near Troyes to Calais in day/eve tomorrow. Hoping fact you in a house helps. Will you go into Paris tonight for end of TdF? Sounds spectacular under floodlights.

Chair, so so feel for you about tinnitus. Do hope hormones settle soon. At least you know a way to control it if necessary. I had for a couple of years once and absolutely hated it. Had to listen to audio book every night to sleep. In retrospect think was stress, so keep that in mind for return. Do talk about it if helps, but will try not to ask in case it reminds you (?)

We head home tomorrow late at night. Decided just too hot to enjoy lazing about campsites as had hoped. Sort of a shame as predictably now I'm here very reluctant to go bak to life with more than a plastic trug, single gas ring and saucepan, small bag of clothes each and a gym bag for the toys and books. Currently camping by lakes near Troyes: both DC napping in shade with electric fan on. Might join them before a run and swim later. DD now able swim across a pool alone with her armbands and we went wild swimming last week in a random lake we stopped at for supper. Magical memories.

Waves to LRM, Midget, MrsW, and Knicky (where art thou?!) Hope all well.

littleredmonkey Sun 21-Jul-13 15:58:44

Hi. I'm here keeping popping back but not had time to post. Waves and hugs to all. Dont know where the time goes. Only 9 weeks left of my maternity leave and making the most of my time with the little fella. He is 10 months next Sunday. Doesnt seem five mins since I was waddling down to the shops for a snickers worrying about giving birth breastfeeding.

littleredmonkey Sun 21-Jul-13 16:01:29

I am lucky I can go part time but still finding it hard I won't be with my little fella all day. He will enjoy nursery lots to see and do I bet
Ps work sucks

blueblackdye Sun 21-Jul-13 20:54:38

Sorry I have been quiet lately. First week with my Mum was hectic as I had to deal with DS and A on my own and preparing a summer party for 30 guests. Second week my brother dropped his 2 sons at my Mum's as well, 11 and 9 yo. Although they are great playing with DS, the 3 of them are hard work all together ! Hopefully this commencing 3rd week will be easier as the 2 cousins are leaving on Wed but 2 other are on their way, an 11 yo boy and an 8 yo girl from Friday for 10 days !

Scarecrow, I won't be on the Champs Elysees tonight for the final of TdF, this heat is too much for me to drive 30 min in a very old car with no air con. I am sorry we did not meet here on the continent but will have other opportunities when back in London. So glad you survived the trip and L and T enjoyed it.

Eagleray, looks like your little girl is ready to move onto lumpy food. Loved the stone episode ! Well done on the camping, to you and Cyclecamper, you chose the right week smile

Somewhere, your Mum sounds terrific, keeping my fingers crossed that chemo side effects won't be too hard on her. My Mum managed to get over it physically quite quickly but it took her a longer time to get her mind healed.

Chairman, has the tinnitus gone now ?

Goat, are you busy packing ?

LRM, omg, 9weeks left ? Already ? I guess the separation is even harder for us Mums than for our LO. Take advantage of the remaining weeks. Don't think about work. not now. Yes, work sucks.
I promised I would share the putting to sleep without CC: I roughly know when A is ready for a nap or sleep, I take her upstairs gently, singing and playing with her, change her, tell her it is time for her nap, kiss her a lot, put her down, she often resists, crying a bit, but I would insist, staying next to her with my hand on her back as she now sleeps on her tummy, whispering that all is well, time to sleep, 1st times it took me 45 min, then 20, now it is almost instant after 2 weeks. If she screams too much, I pick her up and hold her until she calms down, put her down again when she is calm, I must admit during the first trials, I did more than 20 times pick up/put down.
Tonight she played in her cot for 25 min, pressing her face on the bars so that I could kiss her through them ! So cute. And eventually she kneeled down and fell asleep.
But she still wakes up twice a night for a feed, approx every 3 or 4 hours.... I m too knackered to try CC, mentally I don't have the energy anymore. It will pass.

Wave to all, off to bed now.

scarecrow22 Sun 21-Jul-13 21:56:28

PS for Chairman... Thought of you daily in Alps as we could see from our gite across to Alpe d'Huez. Thought the views would be good for mental healing, and wanted to write "WOW" on the road in case you saw it, but then worried that was a bit presumptuous (er, plus I had no whitewash!) Will go better prepared next year....

ChairmanWow Sun 21-Jul-13 22:51:43

scare that is so lovely. Thank you! Hope it was amazing. So jealous, and full of admiration at you going with your two in searing heat, mad crowds etc. It's been an amazing tour this year. Only sad Cav didn't pull it off tonight. Looking into Yorkshire next year - will try and stay near Skipton and cycle to the two stages with the DCs on the back of our bikes.

My tinnitus never goes completely, it just doesn't bother me, which I guess is the same thing really. I stopped taking the pill last week and it's been a bit better though is raging tonight because I'm tired. Having my ears syringed tomorrow so I've been using drops which have made everything rather muffled. Hopefully the combo of no pill and clear ears will calm it down. I expect to have it for life now and just try and get on with things rather than waiting for a miracle cure! Glad yours went scare.

lrm enjoy these weeks with your DS. I found returning to work much less stressful than I had expected - little bonuses like eating and going to the loo undisturbed! My DS has benefitted loads from nursery and is a sociable little chap. He loves it too. It's a wrench at first but within weeks you'll both be in your new routine.

rosiedays Mon 22-Jul-13 07:43:54

Just wanted to pop in and say hello smile can't believe i made it to the grads thread. I lurked for a long time before posting on the pg thread and your stories and support for each other were invaluable. Thank you.
Rose petal arrived on the 16 th July and i can't take my eyes off her. She's amazing. Feeding wonderfully and sleeping well. A very chilled baby. I agreed to be induced due to reduced movement and some worrying heart traces at 39 weeks. Induction then delayed for 2 days due to lack of beds. Anti natal ward was horrendous. Ward full. Only 2 midwives on duty, baby's being born on ward as no beds in delivery
(One in the car park! !) Pessary did its job but as still no beds they wouldn't break my waters. Waters went at 4am ( still no beds) so prepared myself to deliver on anti natal ward. Was so glad I'd invested the time in hypnobirthing as was able to focus on labour and egnore chaos around. got to 7cm all very calm and lovely. ( dh buddy breathtaking on g&a ) when they came to say that they had found me a bed on delivery. By this point I did not want to go anywhere! !! Refused to get off the bed so they wheeled me round . lol. Arrived at delivery had to be examined etc and contractions stopped. It was like my birth bubble had been popped. sad baby was showing increased signs of distress and dr was called. They started drip and to begin with it was ok. They then decided they needed a blood sample from her head to check o2. OMG!! THE PAIN. felt like the midwives were panicking. Dh was beside himself as no one would make a decision and i was starting to loose the plot. Then all of a sudden an egyptain Dr arrived ( my dh is egyptain) dh was instantly calm again and they spoke in Arabic ( which I understand) made a plan. Arranged epidural ( which took forever and didn't work very well) I had huge urges to push but mw kept saying no pushing. Que return of egyptain Dr. .. stirrups up and 3 very determined pushes later she arrived. 5lb 9 and perfect. Lots of skin to skin. No stitches ( heaven)
Managed to get them to agree to a 6 hour discharge. just wanted to get the hell out of there. Faulty equipment, lost notes, lost tto's and fire alarm rounded things of! ! God bless the NHS.
First day on my own with her today. Dh has gone to London to register her with egyptain embassy. ( i hate london. ) Passport papers sent and looking at flights.

Wow that was longer than planned! ! Will catch up on all your news soon.

BIG Waves to cycle and baby cycle. Xxx

blueblackdye Mon 22-Jul-13 09:58:36

Hello Rosiedays, welcome to the grad thread, and welcome baby Rose, very glad you arrive safely and your Mum had a sort of ok labour although the idea of blood sample taken from baby's head would have made me jump and baby would have been pushed out... Enjoy

somewherebecomingrain Mon 22-Jul-13 10:53:23

Welcome rosie and rose petal! thanksthanksthanks

Well done on natural birth and no stitches. The Egyptian doctor must have been so soothing - what a stroke of luck.

Hey bbd you are in extended family madness. How did it go for the 30 guest? What did you make food wise? Love your description of soothing A - how to get a monkey to nap!

chair hope the tinnitus is fading. Can you sort of tune it out because you get so used to it?

scare lovely to hear from you. It sounds amazing. Am inspired- really want to get family abroad but cause we don't fly we end up in uk. Maybe camper van way to go - its also how my parents did it - we went several times thought the alps in an old green vw during my childhood.

eagle glad the avoca-don't has been rehabilitated. Have you thought more about nappy wraps?

lrm I feel I shared your last months of pregnancy and then haven't heard much from you and now you are going back to work already! I agree with chair work isn't so bad - it makes life truly complete as it somehow is the vanguard for getting the 'old you' back. You have your LO and you have your old life.

Have I missed anyone? Where is knicky?

AFM thanks so much for asking yes my mum is is doing well, I think her memory is a bit knocked by the chemo but she's as over it as it is possible to be, she feels quite normal now physically and mentally.

watching my parents age - they are late 70s now - i see how old age is very much a state of mind linked to physical health. My dad dislocates his hip, is in pain and can't walk, gets a replacement, is all doddery after the general anaesthetic. Then gets over it, regains his function and is Mr remarkable-for-his-age. My mum gets cancer and they are old. My mum gets over cancer and they are young. My dad in particular is going through an internal springtime that is lovely to see, cooking the most incredible food and making huge climbing frames for his grandchildren etc.

My mil is fasting away on the 5:2 and I really hope she gets slimmer and fitter - shese obese and arthritic-y - and is 'younger' as a result.

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