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Please help, nipple addicted dd (8mo)

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Caitycat Tue 21-May-13 15:31:34

DD is on three meals a day but also still bfs morning, mid afternoon and before bed. She has now got into the habit of finishing a feed but wanting to just come back and suck on my nipple while she dozes. If I don't let her she screams and pulls down my top and really gets upset. To some extent I know there's no harm in it but this would go on for hours if I let her and eventually I have to pull her away and try to distract her (to an accompaniment of screams and flailing arms.

I will always let her cuddle up to me if she wants to so it is not the only way she gets to be close to me. I really need some strategies to stop her as I am going back to work next month and she seems to be becoming more dependent not less! I have tried distracting with toys or food and cuddling her close but holding onto my top so she can't get to the nipple.

Does anyone have any experience of this or ideas of how to stop it? Thank you in advance!

Caitycat Tue 21-May-13 15:56:02

Please help! I'm getting a complex as noone ever posts on my (fascinating) threads!

ExBrightonBell Tue 21-May-13 17:49:12

Sorry, CaityCat, I have no useful experience...but thought I would post anyway to break your duck.

My ds is 10 months and I let him feed whenever he likes, but he doesn't seem to be as fixated as your dd! I'm also the wrong person to be giving advice as I still feed him to sleep for naps...

Hopefully someone who is more use will come along soon :-)

Justawake Wed 22-May-13 07:15:28

Hi try posting in breast and bottle feeding have always had lots of useful advice there smile

Caitycat Thu 23-May-13 13:11:47

Thank you both I will try reposting!

Rezimezi Thu 23-May-13 20:14:26

Hi, I would normally suggest let her stay on - we frequently think we know better how much love or closeness our child needs - experience tells me we are frequently wrong! I would think if you gave it to her for a while, she would stop fighting for it, as there would be no need and would come off it easily fairly soon (generally true about most things with people). But, as you said you have to go back to work soon (BTW expect it to get even worse when you do) I certainly wouldn't suggest distraction. You can't fool them (again, why do we think we can?!). I would just hold her tight and whisper quieting words into her ears and let her vent her anger at you until she accepts that she can't have it. Try telling her that you will go back to work and from now on you can't give it to her (don't worry that she doesn't understand it, your calm talking will calm her down anyway after a while) and that you love her lots etc. She'll learn to accept it. And she won't learn that you think you can fool her with silly toys and that you don't think it is a terrible problem for her. I would still give it to her in the evening though...

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