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Need advice - normally hardworking DD mucking about at school

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shallweshop Tue 21-May-13 11:03:08

DD is in year 3 and I have always had such glowing reports from the teachers about her work and behaviour. This morning I had to talk to her teacher about something and she told me that DD had not been her usual self lately and had been mucking about quite a bit with the 2 worst behaved boys in the class. I feel a bit upset as there I was thinking things were ticking along nicely and she was getting on well. her teacher said maybe she is just going through a stage where the social aspect of school is more important than the academic side (apparently this is fairly common?) but I am horrified to think of her being naughty and disruptive!

She doesn't know what was talked about but I told her we need to have a chat after school. I don't want to go in too heavy handed but do you think I should at least take away a privilege for her behaviour? She is also being quite uppity at home - answering back and being mean to her 6 year old brother.

I am sure it's all normal behaviour for this age nut feel she needs reigning in a bit. Any advice or experience would be most appreciated.

tumbletumble Tue 21-May-13 19:32:05

I don't think you should take away a privilege at this stage. It's a bit too vague atm "mucking about a bit with two badly behaved boys" - I think punishments should be clearly linked to specific incidents.

However, you could certainly have a chat with your DD about how she is finding school, whether there is anything she wants to talk about etc. Could it be that she's having problems with some of her usual friends which is why she's not playing with them?

Incidentally my DS used to be best friends with the naughtiest boy in the class. I was a bit worried about it but it never affected his behaviour.

shallweshop Tue 21-May-13 22:30:12

Thanks tumble. I did have a chat about what her teacher said. She admitted mucking about with one of the boys but I was quite impressed with her explanation and attitude about it. I have told her she is not allowed any friends round to play for this week - hadn't read your comments then but feel ok about it because she has been a bit too challenging with me this week also so I have linked it into her behaviour generally.

Thanks for your reply.

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