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Milk confusion?

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justhayley Mon 20-May-13 00:32:24

Hiya my DS is 13 months and breastfed. My friends that formula feed have started to stop and replace it with cows milk.
I don't intend to stop BF yet but am I supposed to give DS a certain amount of cows milk a day as well as breast?

He does have the odd beaker of cows milk when we are out and about but it's not every day - maybe once/twice a week.

My friends are also cutting down the amount of milk feeds their babies are having. DS can be on & off the boob all day depending on his mood. On average he probably has 4/5 feeds a day and still wakes in the night and feeds (not for long mainly for comfort and to settle back to sleep).

Do the same milk rules apply to breast fed babies as forumla?


ilovepowerhoop Mon 20-May-13 08:31:43

if you are bf then no need for cows milk as well unless you want to give it from time to time. There is no benefit of formula over cows milk once you reach 1 year which is why your friends are starting to switch over now. BF is fine if thats what you want to do and if you are happy with the amount of feeds he is having then carry on as you are.

justhayley Thu 23-May-13 23:17:00

Hiya thanks for your reply, and clearing that up for me grin

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