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Is this teething??

(2 Posts)
newmum2Jack Sun 19-May-13 22:07:46

Hi guys, my ds is 11 weeks old on Tuesday, is it too soon for him to be teething?? He sticks his fist in his mouth and is dribbling a lot, besides bonjela, is there anything I should/can do? This being a mummy is hard, 36 yrs old and the grey hairs are starting to appear...hmm

MatriarchalDreams Sun 19-May-13 22:20:19

It might well be teething, my DD cut her first tooth at 16 weeks and teeth can start moving down weeks before they come through, in fact it can be months so you might not actually see anything for a while but it could still be painful for your son. However, putting their hands in their mouth is a developmental thing that happens at about this time so it could just be that! You could try some teething toys, Sophie the Giraffe is popular, you can also get teething keys you put in the fridge, the coolness is soothing. However, at 11 weeks you'd have to hold it for him to chew I imagine. I was going to recommend putting a towel in the freezer for him to chew, then remembered that's for puppies! The multiple wake-ups with my daughter last night ARE having an effect on me, so it seems!

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