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After School Snacks.

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MMollyMum2 Sat 18-May-13 17:48:35

I have one dc at school, yr r, and dt age 2. DC is very hungry after school and I always bring him a snack and of course one for the dt too. But I have completely run out of healthy ideas of what to give them. We've done dried fruit, etc. Need some ideas! Dc are complaing now, 'we had that yesterday Mummy'
Any ideas welcome. grin

Wheresmycaffeinedrip Sat 18-May-13 17:54:59

Nuts and seeds?

Flap jack with dried fruit nuts and seeds

Banana bread
Cranberry and white choc cookies
Hummus with dipping veg
Crackers with cream cheese

MMollyMum2 Sat 18-May-13 18:06:32

Fruity Flapjack sounds gorgeous. smile

LadyLech Sat 18-May-13 22:00:31

My children have:

Tomatoes and cucumbers
Cheese and crackers
Soup and bread (winter)
Tuna wraps

Think that's mostly it!

Droflove Sat 18-May-13 23:58:56

Banana milk was my favourite after school snack. Just a banana with a glass of milk whacked in the blender to make it foamy.

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