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bunk beds? do i dont i?

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bresha Mon 22-May-06 12:37:06

I have an almost 5 dd and a dd who is 1, they already share a room but its starting to get a bit cramped, I was thinking about getting bunk beds(when smallest dd is a bit older)but I afraid one of them will get hurt falling out, or have trouble getting to the toilet in the night. And what is the best time to move from a cot 2 a bed?

suzywong Mon 22-May-06 12:41:25

get a cabin bed, ikea do them, the mattress of the bottom bed sits on slats directly on the floor. I put little ds2 in it at just turned 2 and it worked a treat

suzywong Mon 22-May-06 12:43:32

this one and just put some slats under the mattress on the bottom.

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