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Child physically attacking parents and making false accusations - help!

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SugarMiceInTheRain Wed 15-May-13 17:24:38

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction - I am posting on behalf of a friend who confided in me today and is just about at breaking point.

Friend has disabilities, MS etc and is already physically vulnerable. She has carers a couple of hours each day to help her with some tasks, particularly those involving her 6 yo DD. DD is very big for her age, physically strong and has in the past (inadvertently) knocked my friend over (just to give you an idea of her strength and size she comes up to friend's chest already). Her DD can be sweet but is very forceful with everyone - adults, children etc and has it turns out been lashing out at my friend physically, hit her over the head with friend's walking stick etc. I avoid seeing this friend with my children in tow because her DD is so demanding and exhausting (and my children are frightened of her quite frankly).

Things have come to a head recently because DD went into school alleging that her mum had been hitting her. Friend got called into school, luckily school believe friend that DD is telling tales as she changed her story - but school have a history of not being terribly supportive in the past, teachers breaking confidences by saying things to the carers behind mum's back etc. Friend has asked for help from school repeatedly because she suspects DD has SEN.

I'm just wondering whether any of you know of organisations that might be able to support my friend? I have told her she needs to push for more support from school and GP - I think friend is not assertive enough and this is why she hasn't had the help she needs. I know just from having a son with Aspergers that you have to really fight for a diagnosis and for help from organisations and I worry that with all her own health problems she just doesn't have the fight in her to ask, so thought if I could point her in the direction of other organisations it might help.

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