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any advice on putting a baby in an all in one snowsuit that unzips right under the bum

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LISA9T8 Sun 21-May-06 09:02:45

hi sorry to sound silly what is the best way to get a baby in a suit like this do you unzip it right under the bum and do you zip it up slowly so as not to jam anything and would you lay him on your knee as a few people suggest something about putting him on your knee

Eulalia Sun 21-May-06 09:12:36

Depends on the age of the baby. For a very little one unzip totally and either lay on your knee or on a flat surface. Put legs in first, then arms and zip up. For older baby you can sit them up to put on the arms, then lay them flat across your knee and tuck the legs in and finally zip. Tend to do arms first for older ones as they just kick the legs off and you are there forever putting it on and off again! Good luck.

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