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Ideas for 1st birthday party

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Ridersofthestorm Sat 11-May-13 09:11:43

Hello everyone

My ds is one this month and me and dp will be throwing him a 1st birthday party. I have never thrown a party in my life so advice is needed.

We have booked a local church hall for the party (our house is too small) and have hired a bouncy castle to accommodate the older children. I've bought the party wear but other than that I don't know.

I've heard from people in work that the children have goody bags (no problem) but I've no idea what to put in them. Personally I don't think the little kids give a stuff what's in them (as long as its safe) as they are only babies. But I've heard that its stiff competition on the old goody bags and patents expect something amazing and can be quite over the top about it. I don't want to spend loads of money on goody bags, please reassure me that I don't have to go mad, any ideas on what to put in them will be greatly appreciated smile

I don't really know what to do food wise either. I thought things like sausage rolls, cheesy bread sticks, cheese and pineapple and cupcakes. What else? Any healthier options or things to avoid?
I really am so clueless.

I was also unsure about party games. I was thinking we probably will not have time as we only have the hall for two hours and the older kids will be taken up with the bouncy castle, and then we've got to fit in the blowing out the candles on the cake. Should I include something?
He is going to his a first birthday party today so I can probably get some ideas from that too.

Finally, phew, I am thinking of hiring a ball pool for the little ones is this too much? I want to have something to entertain them, is there anything else that would be better?

I know he's only one and i probably sound like a loon and he will not remember it, but it's something nice to look back on when he's older, we'll be videoing it grin

So any advice is much needed, please be gentle I'm stressing out doing this already. How ill cope when he gets older and more demanding god knows haha
Thank you grin

givemeaclue Sat 11-May-13 09:16:00

Relax, it all sounds great. Only do party bags for older ones, just put a packet sweets, some bubbles piece of cake, cheap toy, supermarkets do multipacks for party.

Hate a great time

Ridersofthestorm Sat 11-May-13 09:36:40

Thanks giveme! smile I thought it was a bit much for little ones to have a goody bag, I suppose poundland do some stuff I can put in the bags too.

Ridersofthestorm Sat 11-May-13 11:40:42


QTPie Sat 11-May-13 17:08:00


It sounds absolutely lovely, but are you sure that you want to do all of this for a 1st birthday? DS won't remember it. So it is an awful lot of expense and hassle to go to.

My DS is 3 and a bit - so have been to a fair few baby/ toddler parties and nothing this elaborate or expensive yet. The first birthdays tended to be little birthday teas with a few snacks, a cake, a glass of wine for the adults and the kids just played. Even at 3, the parties were small (at our houses), more elaborate proper party good for the kids, adults joined in, maybe "pass the parcel", but generally they were just happy playing with toys. At 3 was the first year that people did themes (DS had Toy Story, there were also Gruffalo, Cars, Purates and Princesses etc) and party bags.

If you do want to invite lots of people and money is not an issue, then go for it, but don't feel that you "have" to go all out for a first birthday.

Hope that is constructive and helpful.

Ridersofthestorm Sat 11-May-13 19:01:43

Hi QTpie, thanks for your feedback.

Yes it might sound like we are being over the top but really we're not. The hall was a necessity due to lack of space in our house and the hall was really cheap anyway. Most people in our area (not rich btw) use this hall loads for kids birthday parties. Even if we could hold the party in our house I still would get a bouncy castle for the older kids as my dp has a lot of friends who have kids so I would rather they had something to entertain them, rather than have them just running about.
Believe me I won't be doing this for every birthday, it will be a trip out to wacky wear house next time. I just want his first birthday to be special, nothing wrong with that.

QTPie Sat 11-May-13 19:14:56

No nothing wrong at all: just making sure that you aren't doing it because you feel "under pressure" (iyswim).

Doing it because you really want to is good, but don't run yourself ragged and bankrupt yourself in the process - make sure that you enjoy it too (it is a big thing for you to enjoy too) smile

Ridersofthestorm Thu 16-May-13 11:35:10

Hi QTpie

So sorry been ages b4 I've replied. Yeah I defiantly don't want to go too mad spending money, but I've managed to economise elsewhere and find some bargains so its all good.
I'm just a stressy person anyway, I always get worked up if I have people coming round or anything like that. It's important to me that I don't forget things, I've a terrible memory and I just know ill forget something vital. I really wanted advice from people who have done this before, what to do, not what to do etc.
But thanks for your advice though, always much appreciated smilex

justhayley Mon 20-May-13 00:18:08

My DS had his first birthday party last month - I booked our local baby sensory class to host it so didn't have to worry about entertainment.
They did the class for an hour then we had food and chat/play for an hour. I brought loads of DS toys to the hall so the babies could play. We have a ball pit from Argos £10 so brought that as well - might be cheaper than hiring.
Party bag wise, I did a bath/water theme, got a pack of cheap boats from poundland pack of bubbles, rubber duck & a bath ball toy from boots - again they came in a pack which I split up. And a slice of cake.

Food - sandwhiches, you can get them pre made from Sainsbury's M&S or waitrose if you don't want to make them. I made a big bowl of pasta salad which went down well (and was cheap), as well a cupcakes, samosas, onion baji's and chopped up dips - cucumber, carrots, sweet peppers humous. Also bought baby snacks (organix stuff).

Think that was about it - I know DS won't remember it but a first birthday is a special one and I'm glad I did a big party with all his baby pals.
Probably won't do any party like that till he's 4/5.

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