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Help, ideas to keep a pre-2 occupied in hospital

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katkoala Fri 10-May-13 19:00:49

My DN has broken her femur and will be in traction for at least 2 weeks, then bed rest for at least another 2 weeks after traction off.
Thinking shead for my sister, dies anyone have a similar experience or ideas on how we can keep her occupied, especially when traction is off and she can't wait bear.
She's been in for almost 1 week now and has been a wee trooper. Keeping occupied with tv, books, colouring do far. I'm planning on getting her one of the dolls head styling toys...any other ideas would be appreciated.

nextphase Fri 10-May-13 20:18:24

What a lovely Aunt you are - sorry to hear your niece has had an accident.


Can she sit? Play doh??

Have you looked at the travel section of toys and games? I know you can get travel aqua doodle (tho thats more drawing).

What about threading beads? Or threading cards?

Can you get dolls to dress and undress?

Hope some else is along soon with some tried and tested ideas.

katkoala Fri 10-May-13 20:25:49

thanks nextphase- travel toys, great idea wink
Just realised how many typos there are in my OP sad Ooops

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