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How to manage siblings shared bedtimes?

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treehugga Thu 09-May-13 17:58:17

My children are 4 and 1. The 4 year old (DD) is in reception and goes to sleep very tired at 7. The little one (DS) has been going to sleep at 6/6.30 which worked fine. They share a room but the half hour difference was perfect as my daughter had her not define story in our room then was pretty much ready to sleep when she went to bed where her brother was already asleep. But not anymore. He just stays awake for hours and is really excited to find his big sister coming into the room. So I want to try them n the same bedtime at 7, and see if that works better. But I have n idea how to go about it as the staggered bedtime is all I've done since DS was born. Any ideas?

treehugga Thu 09-May-13 19:10:35

Not her "not define story", her bedtime story.
Also "no idea" not "n idea"
Cripes. My concentration is shot!

whenwilltherebegoodnews Thu 09-May-13 19:20:07

I put mine down together most nights (3.6 & 10 months) and have done since the baby was tiny.

I just let the older one choose one story for her and one for the baby, songs and lights out. Both usually fall asleep quickly and if not, the older one knows to ignore the baby if he's shouting. If they are already sharing they'll be used to sleeping through each other's noise and if your DD is knackered anyway she shouldn't be too disturbed if the baby doesn't fall asleep instantly.

Yama Thu 09-May-13 19:24:07

I am doing bedtime tonight (unusual). Dh is great with bedtime routine so I try and do what he does.

While ds (2) is in the bath dd (7) has supper. Unless she joins him in the bath.

Then it's jammies on and all snuggle on dd's bed for 2 stories. Each child choose a chapter or book.

Then into bed. Chord song thing on and lights out.

beachesandbuckets Thu 09-May-13 19:41:36

My ds (4) shares a room with dd (2). We put them together as he was getting scared in the night and it has helped. We do bath together (I am lucky that we are both home from work by 5ish), dh takes ds into our bedroom to practice reading, I read to dd in their room, then put them both down for 7pm. Ds conks out straight away, dd natters/sings until 8.30ish. Sometimes she keeps him awake but I tell him to ignore her. I have put the old baby monitor in thei room so can occasionally tell her to be quiet.

treehugga Fri 10-May-13 13:49:38

Thanks. I tried it last night and went quite well. Like the idea of having the story together. Will try that tonight

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