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Breaking wind is hurting my baby

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newmum2Jack Wed 08-May-13 22:30:21

Hi guys,

I'm a first time mum, my little one is 9 weeks old and has real struggles when breaking wind. He only poohs every 2 or 3 days and we have him on aptimal comfort now after the normal aptimal. Has anyone experienced this before. When he has wind his legs go stiff and straight and just cries and wriggles about. Any advice??

10storeylovesong Thu 09-May-13 08:42:34

Hi, I'm having the same issue with my ds. He's currently 13 weeks but was 13 weeks prem so was only actually due today! I spoke to the health visitor about it and she said it was perfectly normal, albeit uncomfortable for the parent to watch. She explained that babies don't have the developed stomach muscles to help push their wind etc out and it will improve as he gets bigger.

We tried infacol which did nothing and now trying gripe water which although isn't a miracle solution it does seem to help. We also do baby massage as its supposed to help digestive issues.

I'll be watching this with interest in case someone comes up with a better answer!

RooneyMara Thu 09-May-13 08:54:38

You could try raising his little legs up, when he's lying on his back, just gently bend the knees if he will agree to it, and push them very very gently towards his tummy - lifting his bottom up like this will help the wind come out more quickly I think.

Ds3 seems to enjoy it anyway and sometimes it stops him crying.

Also try holding him face down along your arms, like a tiger asleep on a branch - with a bit of pressure from your hand under his tummy, and rub his back, I don't know if it does anything but it is another way to hold when the upright jiggling isn't working!

Good luck. It does get much better after a few months.

RooneyMara Thu 09-May-13 08:56:08

Oh and also let him push his legs out too - I kind of 'assist' ds, by pulling his legs straight when he seems to want to, and then back towards his tummy, and then straight again iyswim

Only do what the baby is comfy with, don't try and push against his will

It's a sort of baby massage technique.

Panzee Thu 09-May-13 08:59:48

Rooneymara that's the Wind Relieving Pose in yoga! smile Very effective on babies (and adults grin)

KatyN Thu 09-May-13 11:38:08

my boy used to wake up, scream and then fart. It was NOT funny as it obv used to wake me up a little scared each time.

I did a lot of tummy rubbing and as he got bigger it stopped. he'll now crack then out as well as daddy (and mummy).

you defo won't have this in a month.

lotsofthingstolearn Thu 09-May-13 19:51:11

This was me with our DS now 4 months old today- until a very good friend recommended colief to us! He was very windy and had colic- we just didn't realise until someone pointed it out as he wasn't screaming all the time! Luckily we nipped it in the bud early so not to be too distressing for all of us! I tried the comfort milk also but only did a few days with it as it made him even worse and the health visitor suggested that as it was thicker it was a problem

Some may disagree but it was just miracle stuff for us- it's expensive but we have it on repeat prescription from the DR's. Fingers crossed he won't need it for much longer. I

You may have to buy 1 bottle before going to the DR to get it on prescription- by that you need to be able to demonstrate it works. I made it clear to the DR that the transformation with him was very noticeable and he prescribed no problem. It's certainly worth a try

Hope that helps and good luch

sharond101 Thu 09-May-13 21:58:18

My DS 11mo still gets bother and can be up during the night with sore wind. We found gripe water most helpful medicinally and baby massage very good too.

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