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Advice needed for a double birthday

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sewingandcakes Sun 05-May-13 11:17:30

I have a double birthday coming up in June - ds2 will be 6 and ds3 will be 1, on the same day... I don't know whether to split the day up so they have separate parties, have one big party with 2 cakes, or have ds3's birthday on the following day, so that ds2 has his own special day (I missed all of his birthday last year due to being in hospital delivering ds3).

Any opinions and advice would be much appreciated!

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 05-May-13 22:11:18

What does ds2 want? Does he want a party? He about doing a party in the day for ds2 and having a cake for ds3 at teatime? The only worry I'd have about moving ds3 birthday is that it might set a precedent that could be hard to change.

RobinBedRest Mon 06-May-13 21:49:38

Family do on the day for both and seperate kids party just for older DS?

Even on the day I'm guessing there be more fuss and gifts for older one as you probably have all the toys the 1 yo needs passed down.

Is your ds jealous of the attention the baby gets or will he be ok about sharing his day?

BackforGood Mon 06-May-13 22:01:08

I would do a joint 'birthday tea' with a cake each, for them, (maybe with grandparents round, or other family if close by?) then let the 6yr old have a party with school friends on another day, which has noting to do with the 1 yr old.

lola88 Mon 06-May-13 22:32:58

I had this exact same issue in Feb ds was 1 and DN was 6 I too was in hospital the year before, I had a joint party though as DS was 1 it was really for DN all the things she wanted. We had 2 cakes and DN enjoyed blowing out both sets of candles since DS couldn't.

I did explain to her that she could have her own small party or a bigger one for both since I would only need to pay for one lot, she wanted the big one and was more than happy to share the day (since it meant more pressies, cakes, attention and a clown). It was a fab day and the both loved it. If I was you I would just ask DS what he wants explaining the options your wee one will be at the party either way (assuming he would attend his big bothers party) so would be happy with the balloons and attention regardless.

HugAndRoll Mon 06-May-13 22:41:46

My boys were 5 and 1 on the same day. We did a joint party at a farm which was lovely. Cake had a no 5 and no 1 candle in it and ds1 blew them both out.

In the future we plan on a joint party with them each having a day they can choose to have a family treat on e.g. Cinema, bowling, meal etc which is For That Child.

sewingandcakes Tue 07-May-13 12:47:14

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions, it's good to know other have the same issue too! Ds2 wants a party with school friends, so as it's a Saturday, I think we'll have his party at lunchtime, with a family party tea (with 2 cakes) in the evening.

And maybe my friends and their kids can come on Sunday for a BBQ... Busy weekend! grin

robinbedrest ds2 absolutely loves his little brother, he kisses him and says hi to him after school before he even sees me! It's ds1 (7) who I think may be fed up on the day, as all the attention and presents will be for the other two boys...

hugandroll I like the idea of a joint party followed by separate days out, I think this might be the way to go for future years, thanks.

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