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7 yr old cant and doesn't play any ideas?

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peppajay Sat 04-May-13 09:26:01

My almost 7 yr old cant play on her own or without adult interaction. It is entirely my own fault as I did so much with her when she was little she has become dependant on adult interaction at all times. She has babies, barbies, a DS but doesn't play with them. She will do craft and Hama beads but only if me or my hubby sits with her. She loves board games and cooking because she is with an adult. Unfortunately today I have to catch up on bits and pieces and up until a year ago I would have felt guilty doing things like this at the weekend but I can't neglect the house totally because she needs me all the time. It isn't just me she wants any adult that is close by she is even worse with my DH and my mum. When you are out and about she is so social with other kids and adores school hence why I go out lots as she doesn't even want to know me when we are out!! She is at a dancing lesson at the mo but I know as soon as she gets back unless I plan to go out she will be stuck to me and going on and on until bedtime and I am determined to get my bits and pieces done. Any ideas of how I can get her to be less dependant on adults for entertainment??

CheerfulYank Sat 04-May-13 09:31:58

You could tell her she has to find something to do dinner room or outside, because you need time to get things done? That's what I do with DS.

Does she like having friends round?

CheerfulYank Sat 04-May-13 09:32:15

In her, not dinner!

MortifiedAdams Sat 04-May-13 09:40:24

I saw something on Supernanny once where they did a big spinny wheel.and an arrow. The parents could spin the arrow roubd to different things and that was what would be happening for the next 45/60mins.

IN your case -

Baking with someone
Reading together
Play in your own
Dinner, bathtime
Arts and crafts together
Board games
Tidy your bedroom

During free time, each take turns to pick where the arrow points.

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