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Suitable DS games for a 6yo DD

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Noomininoo Fri 03-May-13 23:17:35

DD1's 6th birthday is coming up soon &, to keep present costs down (as she's having a huge birthday party that's costing loads) we were going to give her my old DS (pimped up & suitably girlyfied).

Could anyone recommend any good DS games for this age...?

tribpot Fri 03-May-13 23:19:52

The Lego ones are always awesome. Animal Crossing is great too.

wigglesrock Sat 04-May-13 14:20:52

My dds (7 and 5) like the Mario games (although the 5 year old wasn't as fussed) Dd2 liked a game called Carnival Funfair Games where you played traditional Funfair games. But tbh they got more fun out of taking silly photos with the DS and putting borders etc round them.

Jinty64 Sat 04-May-13 20:00:27

Ds3 (6) likes Horrid Henry.

kikidee Sat 04-May-13 20:04:11

My DD who is 6 has the Disney Princess game and Cooking Mama both of which she loves. She had Nintendogs too which came with the DS but wasn't too interested in that.

squiddle Sat 04-May-13 20:07:33

Cooking Mama and Nintendogs and Moshi Monsters are dd's favourites - I keep meaning to get Animal Crossing and Carnival for her as have heard good reports.

ballroomblitz Sat 04-May-13 20:08:11

5yo ds loves mariokart - as do I as it takes me back and it's brilliant seeing the look on his face that mummy can play it. Think he thinks I've always been old.

MrsShrek3 Sat 04-May-13 21:40:03

dd likes moshling zoo, she is 7 now and got it when she was 6. she also uses her brothers' pokemon, mario kart and fifa games.

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