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Girls obsessed with makeup?

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AmyYammaChildLover Thu 02-May-13 17:20:55

I have 3dd, 11 yo, 8 yo and 6yo. dd1 loves ptting on make up and wears it all the time, has more than me. Of course, this led to her sisters wanting to wear it and I am struggling to say no. Lipstick, blusher, the lot. Is it ok for them to wear it(especially 11 yo, wears it a lot) and if not, how do i say no?

mummysbigsmiles Thu 02-May-13 20:10:55

My cousins DD is 13 and her daughter is constantly in a full face of makeup,we were all at a family party recently and all everyone done was say how terrible it was.... I personally think this is far far too young, their skin at that age needs to breathe, what you could do is make a deal with your DDs that you can have makeover nights at home, applying some lip gloss and blusher, make it into a pamper night once a week as a treat if they don't wear any makeup for the full week. Your pamper night could include a facial, some lip gloss, blusher and eye shadow. :-)

Hope this helps wink

AmyYammaChildLover Tue 07-May-13 16:47:37

Tried it last night and the little kids loved it! grin Thanks. (I think the biscuits helped...)

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