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Any mums who follow montessori method at and advice greatly appreciated

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Lilykin Wed 01-May-13 13:08:04

I'm trying to follow montessori method at home and incorporate montessori activities for 2 and half year old son. What do you suggest in terms of activities. The few I have tried, he doesn't follow them and gets fed up in 5 seconds.

For example, if I give him the pouring activity e.g. Pouring rice between 2 bowls and show him how to do it. He might try and do it once and for some reason he can't pour rice between the 2 bowls so he starts scooping by hand the rice from one bowl. If I give him a spoon he might scoop and spill between bowls and get fed up and scoop with his hands.

Essentially with any activity he gets frustrated very easily and gives up. I try to show him a few times but if he does does his own thing I let him continue with his own thing as he is just making up his own activity. I don't want to push him into anything he doesn't want to do and only try to gently suggest. However from what I have read that's not the montessori way activities have to be done in precise order or if not move to another activity. Can't think of other activities for my son who has attention span of 5 seconds.

Am I doing the right thing or is there something I am doing wrong. When I look at you tube with children doing montessori activities they seem so dedicated.

mamacoffee Wed 01-May-13 20:28:24

I dont know a a huge amount but the way I see it montessori is also about them learning what they're interested in. So if ds takes a different idea from an activity than I had in mind I personally think thats even better, he'll still be learning something, just different to what I thought it would be! In the example you gave your ds is from whay I I understand still pouring the rice between cups so so he's learning about order and organisation and if he's doing it with hia hands that still involved some motor skills.

Also I find my nearly 3yo ds has a short attention span anyway but I think that's normal at this age lol!

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