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More fun please!

(5 Posts)
Sinople Wed 01-May-13 12:34:16

DDs 3 and 1. the youngest doesnt walk and has very different needs to the three yr old. The youngest is also a poor day napper and takes up a lot of my time... if she doesnt sleep, she becomes v fragile and needs picking up and carrying the majority of the time. Im finding it hard to think of fun things that we can all do together. Prior to the birth of my second i enjoyed evryday with my, then, only child Id just like some of those happy times back! We have no outside support,our families live in other parts of the world, my husband usually doesnt get home until 8pm Monday to Friday.
do i just have to wait until their needs become more similar?

Sirzy Wed 01-May-13 12:36:03

Do you have a garden?

Margetts Wed 01-May-13 12:52:54

Put the youngest one in the buggy a go to the park

mamjar Wed 01-May-13 19:02:51

We have the same situation here. DS1 is 5, DS2 is 1. Obviously a huge difference in their needs and interests! DS2 also isn't walking yet and is very temperamental full stop. He whinges a huge amount no matter what I am doing with DS1. Even DS1 eating something or playing with something makes DS2 whinge as he wants whatever DS1 has even if it's not safe for him to have. I find that I am missing my time with DS1 as an only child more as time goes on. As DS2 gets bigger, harder to carry about, he's also getting more oppinionated on what he wants to do and wants everything he can see so whinges and cries more than my friend's 8 week old baby! Arrrrgh. I almost miss the days DS2 was smaller and I could just pop him in the sling and cart him off to wherever DS1 wanted to go. No he's older and wants to 'do' more yet he's frustrated he can't walk it's a bit of a nightmare really. He's not content just sat watching in the buggy, wants to be out crawling off but is still so clingy he cries to be picked up, then cries to crawl off again.... sorry this has turned into a mega moan now!

Anyway, I too am desperate for tips as to how survive this next year or so!

badchat Wed 01-May-13 21:14:03

Same ages here but I find DD (2.9) more tricky than DS (1) as she wants anything he has, doesnt like me giving him attention etc.

It is hard going and rarely 'fun' anymore but we do have some nice times. At the moment the best things are parks/playgrounds where ds can sit/crawl in sand/on floor whilst I encourage dd sliding or push both on swings. Also our local soft play centre suits them both and I can leave one for a bit whilst giving the other a bit more attention. They will both also enjoy rhyme times at the library sometimes.

I find outings with one other child Dd's age can be good if they get on.

Is there any chance of getting a bit of childcare one at a time to get one on one time with the other?

My dp is also rarely home before 8 and I find the double bedtime exhausting so you have my full sympathy on that. Do you get any time to do atuff you enjoy? Two this age is really hard going.

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