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Need to confess

(51 Posts)
trinityrhino Wed 17-May-06 20:22:52

I buy my kids milkybars(so not boycotting nestle)
I drink when they are in bed
I shout at the biggest one sometimes
I have managed to create a shite bedtime routine for the baby
I buy tesco value and asda smartprice stuff
I was glad that dd2 weaned herself at 9 months
Sometimes I feel so angry when I'm tired I am ashamed of myself
I don't watch the news, cause it makes me cry
My baby sleeps in bed with me sometimes
I can't remeber the last time either of the kids had a bath regularly
I spend too much time on the puter
I smoke
I am addicted to books
I'm still on antidepressants

I obviously don't take enough time and effort to try and put the world to rights
BUT sometimes I just find it had enough to keep my kids happy and well and try to keep my marriage happy and myself sane

fob Wed 17-May-06 20:24:25

so whats your problem then

trinityrhino Wed 17-May-06 20:27:14

well, I dunnno but sometimes when lurking I don't reply cause I dont feel like I'm ........well good wnough I suppose

Have never boycotted nestle, don't write to politicians, don't make it ny business to sort the world

don't get me wrong I strongly disagree wtih the same things that we all do but I don't do anyhing about it
I keep my actions closer to my family cos thats all the effort I have

rabbitrabbit Wed 17-May-06 20:28:38

Sorry to bust in-but what's the Nestle boycott about? I'm almost too scared to ask on the other threads

Mercy Wed 17-May-06 20:29:49

Trinity, you are not alone! I do some of those things too

Norah Wed 17-May-06 20:29:49

Most of us don't though - don't be so hard on yourself !

You've only got to be good enough !

You sound like you're doing fabulously to me ! Leave it to the others to sort out world issues - you just look after your little ones !

Hugs xxxx

nicnack2 Wed 17-May-06 20:30:00

sounds just like my house

fob Wed 17-May-06 20:30:14

well you sound really normal to me.
we can't all be nigella lawson type super mums, and i'm certainly not!
i think you might be giving yourself a hard time - when was the last time you treated yourself - apart from having a fag and a glass of wine that is?!

trinityrhino Wed 17-May-06 20:30:35

I;m not sure if there is more but I know that they send baby milk to third world countries, where they have no safe water to make it up with
They shouldn't be sending it there becasue they should be encouraging BF casue they dont have the water to make formula

MerlinsBeard Wed 17-May-06 20:30:54

u know what trinity rhino...? that just makes u a human

Sometimes when i read threads i feel like i am not "green" enough, rich enough, tidy enough, clean enough toi be on mumsnet and sometimes i even doubt my abilities as a parent. Then i look at my children and they are happy (altho sometimes grimy and they are fed, even if it is tesco own brand.

but then i also think, well, mumsnet has encouraged me to actually cook proper meals for my family, without realising it, musnet has stopped my recurring eating disorders recurring several times this year and has (again wiuthout realising) made me feel happy i am a mum.

TheLadyVanishes Wed 17-May-06 20:31:34

trinity I think you speak for a lot of us and I just love your post

SleepyJess Wed 17-May-06 20:32:38

TR, you sound lovely, regardless (apart from the smoking.. you should get that sorted... )

Can I confess too..?

- I shout at ALL my kids sometimes.. [whispers].. often ... even the youngest who is has a lot of special needs
- I pretend I don't hear DS2, the majority of the time he wakes per night so that DH deals with him
- I eat far more Syns than I write down on my Slimming World sheets
- I sometimes let DD have ketchup on toast for breakfast just for a quiet life (!)
- I don't do half as much study as I should and sometimes spend time 'upstairs studying' when I am actually on the laptop surfing MN
- I can no longer be arsed to constantly keep in contact with old friends (the ones who need chasing up) and resent hours spent on the phone to them when they phone me. Would much rather chat to people I have stuff in common with (selfish reason to dump people!)
-I bang on and on about 'being green' and then fail to recycle half as much as I should

There are many more. I am shutting up tho.. it's just too awful!

FrannytheGazelle Wed 17-May-06 20:32:48

Jeez, are all those things really bad then? If so I had better join you in the Bad Mother's Home because about half of them apply to me. And I am a bloody good mum, except for when I am being crap

trinityrhino Wed 17-May-06 20:33:20

don't do thngs for myself, feel like I don't deserve it, also seem to have an inability to think of something to do that doesn't involve money cos thats an issue at the mo

but I don't look after the house and kids as I should properly so i don't deserve fun things

Mercy Wed 17-May-06 20:34:52

Trinity, you must look after you and yours first before worrying about others. You obviously have a conscience but the time will come when you can positively act on those feelings.

fob Wed 17-May-06 20:35:29

by the way trinity - i would give you a run for your money in the tired/anger stakes! i am a total nightmare when i get overtired - and yeas i am really ashamed of some of the things i come away with in that state!

trinityrhino Wed 17-May-06 20:36:57

crying now, you have all said such nice things
sometimes I feel a little intimidated by all the things other people seem to be able to do totally right and ALL the time

but thanks I feel all nice and happy now

trinityrhino Wed 17-May-06 20:36:58

crying now, you have all said such nice things
sometimes I feel a little intimidated by all the things other people seem to be able to do totally right and ALL the time

but thanks I feel all nice and happy now

trinityrhino Wed 17-May-06 20:37:06

crying now, you have all said such nice things
sometimes I feel a little intimidated by all the things other people seem to be able to do totally right and ALL the time

but thanks I feel all nice and happy now

trinityrhino Wed 17-May-06 20:37:51

ooops sorry finger trouble

fob Wed 17-May-06 20:40:15

you say the word should far too often - this says you are definately giving yourself a hard time.
you must go easy on yourself and not set unrealistic expectations on yourself - or indeed compare yourself to anybody.
you sound so bloody normal to me and i can identify with so many things you have said.
go on - fess up and tell us something your'e really proud about!

Xavielli Wed 17-May-06 20:41:44

surely if 3rd world drinking water is bad, that would come through in the breast milk also, to a certain degree? At least Nestle are doing something to help.

And as much as we would all like to change the world, the most productive way we can do this is to raise our kids to be well rounded people who will change the world one day themselves.

Personally you sound totally normal... I also confess to the majority of the things on your list, including the smoking.... Hey, if it keeps me calm through the tantrums then so be it!!

You are doing great sister!!

Mercy Wed 17-May-06 20:43:35

Trinity, I don't believe anyone who appears to

"to be able to do totally right and ALL the time"

It's impossible.

trinityrhino Wed 17-May-06 20:45:53

ok fob
my dd1 (5) can read really well and is sooooo excited about it she wants to read EVERYTHING
She is also really funny and is trying to make up her own jokes
She loves school
she's kind and well behaved

dd2 (13 months) is adorable, she is nodding and shaking her head to questions, she says mummum and dadaaa
she gives big loud sloppy kisses
she has a fetish for plastic cutlery(will carry it around for hours
They are well loved and feel secure

I hug and tickle and chat and giggle with them as much as I possibly can

FrannytheGazelle Wed 17-May-06 20:47:54

Xavielli, I don't really know where to start with your comments about Nestle

You might like to read the overview here for some information about Nestle's appalling track record

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