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Night waking at 3.5

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redbunnyfruitcake Sat 27-Apr-13 13:28:49

My DD is 3.5 and has never slept well waking several times a night. She co-slept for 9 months then went into a cot. I have tried controlled crying in the past and had some success but it seems that since she has been in a bed for the last 6 months she wakes frequently again. I know that I haven't helped her with self soothing and still cuddle her to sleep at night so I am aware I have made a rod for my own back but I need to change this situation and soon.

DD2 is due in August during which time we are moving to a new area/house/nursery so I know there is more disruption to come but I need a plan to get going with now. Can anyone who has had a similar experience talk me through a plan of action please? She currently has a stair gate on her door but just stands at it and shouts if I don't go in to her so I'm not sure what else I can do. Any advice would be useful.

CreatureRetorts Sat 27-Apr-13 19:38:31

My 3.6 year old wakes at night - usually he needs a wee or has had a nightmare. DH deals with him while I deal with my other baby's wakings! Can you do that?

Also my ds had reflux and food intolerances which messed with his sleep. Too much dairy upsets his tummy. Is your dd particularly windy? What happens when she does wake?

Can you work on self settling? Eg try settling her for bed and telling her you'll be back in one minute as going to the loo or something. Make sure you do go back. Just so she's used to you leaving but trust you'll return. Then you work up to leaving as she's relaxing and lengthening the time you go. The "no cry sleep solution for toddlers" has some good ideas.

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