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Different person at home and at school.

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LucyLucas Fri 26-Apr-13 17:45:42

My ds1, Jax, 9yo is really nice at home. he's really nice with his youngest siblings, dd3 and ds2 (2 and 4) and always helps me out with them. He's never naughty at home. But he's really naughty at school. Not like hitting and things, but very loud, constantly disrupting the class. He does well with school work but is just generally misbehaving. The teacher talks to me about it every parents evening but whenever I talk o him about it, he says 'what have I done?' and says things like 'how do you know' and 'I didn't do anything like that. I'm never naughty at home, am I?' The teacher seems to blame me, but I can't get through to him. How do I make him behave at school?

GingerJulep Fri 26-Apr-13 20:38:00

Sounds like he is bored at school? Have you asked the the teacher what /they/ are doing about it? There are usually 'special' jobs (handing out pens/collecting papers/whatever) that teachers can give to those who have more time/energy than some - especially if he is known to be good at helping :-)

rhetorician Fri 26-Apr-13 22:45:23

Have opposite problem....

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