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I need advice ...

(7 Posts)
lifesisabiatch Thu 25-Apr-13 03:12:53

My kids (3yrs) just start their new preschool in April. I transfer them to this school mainly is because it's walking distance (a block away) so I can take the car to work everyday. I thought the school wasn't too bad, we walk by the school all the time.

Last week I had a bad feeling about the teachers at this school, I meet them twice, my husband is the one who drop them off and pick them up everyday. I think the teachers are not gentle with kids, they can be aggressive. One time she came home telling me her teacher grab her shoulder, it hurts but she didn't cry. One time she came home telling me her teacher grab her hand and it hurts. I know kids they can exaggerate sometimes so I let it go and see what happen. Today, she came home with a red mark near her mouth, she said teacher grab her mouth. My husband said she did apology when he pick her up at school today, don't know what she said. I'm very mad right now. Are they allow to do that ? this is my first experience being a parent. I asked my husband to see what's his take on this, he said nothing, he doesn't know.

Right now I don't want them to attend to this school anymore. Is hard to find a school close to home like this and convenience for all of us.

LovesBeingWokenEveryNight Thu 25-Apr-13 03:15:42

Is it ok for them to hurt your child? Hell no. Depends how you want to handle it but I'd be there in the morning demanding some answers

lifesisabiatch Thu 25-Apr-13 03:51:13

Loves, I'm very upset just thinking of how mad can they be to do that to a child. I know my kids they are not that crazy, they listen pretty well. That's exactly what I want to do but I have a meeting tomorrow morning I can't cancel and go the her school. I can only call the principle and have a chat with her.

LovesBeingWokenEveryNight Thu 25-Apr-13 03:54:22

So call and arrange a meeting, you need to find out exactly what was said to your dh as well

lifesisabiatch Thu 25-Apr-13 03:58:02

Ok I guess that's my only option. I'll do that.
Should my kids attend school tomorrow or should they stay home until I arrange something a meeting. I'm so confuse..

sleepythegiraffe Thu 25-Apr-13 04:35:12

Personally, i would keep them off until you have met with the staff and resolved the situation.

mummy2benji Fri 26-Apr-13 19:35:46

Wow. No no no that it totally unacceptable and unbelievable that a teacher could behave that way in this day and age where teachers are not allowed to touch children in any way, never mind grab them roughly. And to leave a mark... I am appalled. Both my parents were teachers as is my brother-in-law so I know how strict the regulations are that teachers cannot so much as catch hold of a child's arm in passing. I know kids can exaggerate, but the fact that the teacher apologised to your dh means something occurred that should not have. I would certainly insist on seeing the Head the next day and keep my children off school until that meeting had taken place and I was satisfied that the Head took it suitably seriously.

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