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Advice about moving house, going back to work and baby starting nursery - all when dd is 5.5 months please!

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roamingwest Wed 24-Apr-13 08:55:40

She is 12 wo now and I'd describe her as a sensitive baby. Two steps forward, one back especially with sleep. We're living away from family so I'm up and down to mums for weekends etc - she does not like this one bit sad

Thinking ahead to June when all these changes are happening - is it going to be a nightmare? Is there anything practical I can do now to ease all the transitions? Eg I'm going to take the travel cot from mum and dads now so she'll be able to sleep in the same space no matter where we are. Ideally I'd move up a few weeks in advance of going back to work to get settled but this isn't going to happen because of accomodation issues so there will likely be a holiday apartment for a week in between houses - nothing is straightforward!!

I'm struggling a bit as it is, so any advice would be great! (Oh and I'm going back to work half time which is the only positive smile.

mummy2benji Wed 24-Apr-13 16:03:37

We moved house when ds1 was just a little older than that. I think lo's adapt quickly to new environments and so long as all their familiar toys are there that is the main thing. The one mistake we made was moving ds into his on bedroom as soon as we arrived in the new house - it was a bit too much for him and we had screaming in the middle of the night when he woke in a new place and Mummy and Daddy weren't there. I would try to make changes as slowly as possible - your travel cot idea is good, so her bed will be familiar. You could introduce a toy that plays gentle lullabies to her now, then pop it in her cot so it is another familiar thing. Dd2 has a Fisher Price sea-horse which plays lullabies that I put on at bedtime, it also glows softly. It's handy to take to new places when we go away. Hope all goes smoothly!

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