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Summer family holidays - help!!

(4 Posts)
AmelieA Tue 23-Apr-13 12:13:55

Anyone got any good ideas for an affordable family holiday with heaps of kids in tow? Camping? Glamping? I need proven success!!

mummy2benji Tue 23-Apr-13 15:36:26

Heaps of kids??! Camping is great fun but weather-dependent. If it rains all the time children get soggy and frustrated and whine. The odd shower is ok, you can just boot them out in a raincoat to play and get covered in grass. If the weather is dry it's great - family bbq and lots of space for kids to run around with footballs and toys. Browse campsites online and look for family friendly ones ie good facilities, and some have playgrounds. Don't pick a popular surfing beach campsite or it'll be noisy at night with tipsy surfer dudes. My ds1 is 4 1/2 and loves camping, we're planning on going this summer with dd2 too, who is 6 months. We have a big tent with 2 bedrooms and an outer room, and dh and I take an inflatable double mattress and duvet and pillows - I like comfortable camping! Ds has an inflatable bed from Argos. I do recommend it, and at least booking a campsite is cheap, so if the weather is terrible you won't lose much by postponing it.

yummumto3girls Tue 23-Apr-13 18:25:02

I have 3 kids, depends in your budget and preference - UK or abroad?
Camping/glamping - we have often been to Hendra holiday camp, near Newquay, Cornwall. Great campsite, good facilities for kids, great area. We have camped and had a caravan with 3 bedrooms! (Posh one more like mobile home) kids loved it (I have 3 ages 12, 9, & 3). If going abroad I mentioned on other thread that I find Portugal is a good bet, short flight. Now our youngest is over 2 we can't fit in a family room so now need to look at villas or apartments. We have rented a private house, 4 bedrooms, on a complex with 3 pools, restaurants in Portugal this year, which has worked out hugely cheaper than a hotel holiday in Tenerife last year.

AmelieA Wed 24-Apr-13 12:52:14

Thanks other mums!! Some great ideas for me to get planning! Think I'll have a look at the Newquay holiday camp... love searching the web and looking at all the great possible holidays xx

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