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How can I cope better in the mornings?

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Judyandherdreamofhorses Tue 23-Apr-13 08:14:37

I hate how horrible I'm being to DD (3). It's not her fault that she has a baby brother who refuses to sleep, meaning that I'm utterly exhausted in the morning. He only sleeps two hours at a time, maximum, so I get stretches of less than that. Haven't had more than 3 hours in a row since he was born 9 moths ago.

When DD wakes me (usually just before DH goes to work), I can't help being snappy and horrible. I don't want her to touch me and cuddle me (why she'd want to, I don't know, I'm such a bitch to her). Usually, I get better at dealing with her once I'm up and dressed, but I worry about how she must feel with this inconsistent and horrible snapping. It's only normal 3 year old stuff that's driving me mad. I hate myself for it.

What can I do before I ruin our relationship or make her resentful towards her brother?

Judyandherdreamofhorses Mon 29-Apr-13 07:20:54

I'm definitely going to try the cold face wash today. I am dealing with mornings a little better. The new plan is for DH to bring me coffee once he's made his, and I sit up awake with it (like now). He then does children's breakfasts. DD is allowed in to me once DH has had his shower. That basically gives me 20 minutes or so of peaceful time and I'm prepared for her to come in. She's bringing her school reading books in at that time and she thinks it's special! After a couple of minutes, baby needs me, but it's a better start.

Thanks for the sympathy, benjismummy, and the same to you. I've reread How to Talk and have reminded myself of techniques that really work with DD. I remind myself frequently that she is 3! I'm trying to appreciate all the good bits. But I still find myself snapping at her sometimes and do worry how this makes her feel. Is she going to always be worried about how I'm going to react? I mean, at the moment she seems like she couldn't care less, but I was concerned by 4 nights of bed wetting last week.

Baby sleep still not good, but he's self settling more often in the night so I haven't had to do any 1-2 hourly wakes this week, just 3-4 hourly (and two stretches of 6 hours!).

teacher123 Mon 29-Apr-13 12:58:23

Ceebeebies?! We go downstairs, he watches postman pat whilst drinking his milk in his playpen and I sit on the sofa and drink a cup of tea whilst we both wake up fully!

amri Mon 13-May-13 20:57:05

Oh god this sounds like me.

I don't even want to see my daughter first thing until I've had 10 mins to wake up and have a few mouthfuls of coffee. It sounds awful doesn't it? But I think it's cos I've seen so much of her during the night! (she's only 8 months)

My hubby is great though, he will take her first thing in the morning and give me time to snooze before he leaves for work. Then he'll bring up coffee and my breakfast before I give baby her morning feed.

Love the biscuit cutter for toast idea ...

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