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Anyone's DC not play much at all with siblings?

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Metalhead Mon 22-Apr-13 09:56:23

We're trying to decide whether to go for DC2, and one of the arguments for having siblings is always that they'll have someone to play with and entertain each other. At the moment our DD is very clingy with us and always wants either me or DH to play with her, all day long, so it would certainly be nice for her to have a sibling as another option.

However, my fear is that we'd have another child, and then they don't get on and don't want to play with each other and we're left with two constantly fighting for our attention!

So, does anyone have DC who really don't play much together at all? There would be at least 4 years between the two, which is another worry as they might not have anything in common.

(I should add that I would never have another child just so I can have a break from DD! It's just one of the points I'm considering)

RMSeries2 Mon 22-Apr-13 22:36:59

The closest siblings I know are 7 years apart in age (in their 30s now but they have been close since they were young). You're just never going to know how this will pan out with your own children - my DH and his brother have never been especially close and they are 18 months apart in age. I understand they did play together a fair amount when they were young but their interests were very different once they were 5/6 and they have got on but not spent much time together ever since. My DS was an incredibly independent boy, did his own thing and was never at all clingy. When DD arrived (22months apart) he immediately adored her and they do play together but he is still an independent sort who needs his own space and gets very irritated if his sister dives into the games he is playing on his own without permission to do so. Perhaps if he'd been more clingy when he was young he'd have appreciated the company a bit more?? She was the clingier of the two and is more inclined to playing with others than he was at the same stage, but I don't know if that's relevant.

deleted203 Mon 22-Apr-13 22:43:58

I've tended to find that bored children will play with anyone, TBH. I've got 5 DCs and they are sometimes happy on their own, doing their own thing - and sometimes not. But if you are bored and want a game of Monopoly, or have invented something that involves dressing up and crawling through the undergrowth, then there is generally someone around to join you.

Age gaps don't seem to matter an awful lot. DS1 and DS3 are 12 years apart and still play together pretty well. DD1 and DD2 have 3 years between them and are very close.

(I should perhaps point out that I am no 5 out of 8 siblings and am used to big chaotic families so would always say, 'go for it!' in the case of another child).

exexpat Mon 22-Apr-13 22:46:12

I have a boy and a girl with a 4yr 2mth age gap, and no, they have never really played much together. Very different interests.

Andro Mon 22-Apr-13 23:47:35

There's 12 years between me and my brothers...I hate them and the feeling is mutual.

There's just over 4 years between my dc, they don't play together but they don't argue either and they have a solid relationship.

Fivefootoffun Sun 01-Jul-18 19:57:05

Hi Metalhead. Just did a search and came to your thread. Your initial post is very much how I'm feeling about possibly going for number 2. Just wondering (if your still about) what you decided?

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