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FionaBurnell Sat 20-Apr-13 22:54:33

Can anyone help me with the whole reflux issue.How good wud nanny goats milk formula be for small baby? My 4 wk old baby boy has been suffering with reflux since he was at the 2wk stage and is in pain day and night with it.
He's throwing up after each feed no matter what formula I've put him on and no sleeping day or night between feeds with the pains. So it's very hard on us all no sleep for any of us! First we tried aptimal then cow and gate with lactoease drops but there's no change. I've been to a cranialoestopath too so really hoping that'll help him. Some one recommended nanny goats milk formula does anyone know if it's easier on digestion cos some said its too rich and wud be hard to digest. He's 7lbs now and 4wks old. He was born 2 wks early.

bettybyebye Sat 20-Apr-13 22:57:00

Hi, have you tried baby gaviscon? It sorted my DS out within a couple of days. Got a prescription for it from the doctor and used 1 sachet with every other feed

Cuddlydragon Sat 20-Apr-13 23:20:31

It's time to visit your GP and try for a paediatrician referral. There are lots of meds available and lots of practical help on positioning, techniques for winding etc. reflux isn't always or even often connected to the milk. A lactose intolerance or dairy allergy isn't the only cause. Often it's a small muscle at the top of the stomach which isn't developed enough just yet to tighten. You can try comfort formulas but please see your GP. There are a few good websites you'll find if you google. Crying over spilt milk fromNZ and little reflexes which is uk. Please don't change milk again until you see your doc.

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